Is Any Video Converter Malware? | How Is It?

Any Video Converter is an outstanding video converter. It has huge popularity around the world. In recent days, some users in various blogs and forums have claimed that they have noticed suspicious and malicious activities on the device while downloading or installing it from different sources. Some of them also have claimed the Any Video Converter as malware. So, is it really malware?

Is Any Video Converter Malware

Is Any Video Converter Malware?

As mentioned above, some user has reported that they have noticed unusual or malicious activities while downloading Any Video Converter. Despite that, the Any Video Converter is not malware or even contains any type of malicious code. The user may notice unusual or Malicious activities on Any Video Converter while downloading it from the unsecured or non-legitimate domain. Using the official site to download and install Any Video Program can sort out this issue. So, this application is not harmful or malicious to a computer device system.

Does Converter Have Virus?

Like other programs and software, the legit version of the converter doesn’t contain any type of malicious code. But if you download the converter from an unsecured domain, it could contain viruses or other malicious threats that can infect your system. And you know how much damage a virus or malicious code could cause to a system. So, it is better to download the converter or other software from a legitimate and trusted domain.

Is Any Video Converter Trustworthy?

For converting videos, Any Video Converter is a great software. Moreover, it is a trustworthy program, and it is safe to download and install on a computer device. But, always remember to use a legitimate, trustworthy, and secured domain to download programs as well as Any Video Converter. It is recommended to download the application from the official site of Any Video Converter.

How to Remove or Uninstall Any Video Converter from a Device?

If you ever wanted to remove or uninstall Any Video Converter from your device, there are some simple steps you need to follow. These below-described steps will help you to remove or uninstall it from your device;


Press the Windows key + R on your device keyboard to open the Run Dialog Box. Type appwiz.cpl and press enter to open the Programs and Features window.


Locate and select Any Video Converter from the Programs and Features window and click on Uninstall /Change. Afterward, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstallation or removing process.

Now, you have successfully removed Any Video Converter from your device. Remember to use the official site to reinstall it.

What Is the Safest Video Converter?

There are too many legit and safe video converters available with many outstanding and great features. But the safest one is the Open Source video converter application. Also, you can use the premium video converter applications. But the open-source video converters are free of cost and easy to use. So, it is recommended to use an open-source video converter for maximum safety. The premium video converter has more features compared to the free one. Make sure to download the application from a secure and legit site.

Are Free Video Converters Safe?

Yes, the free or open-source video converter applications are safe to use. With fewer features and maximum safety, the open-source video converter is safer than the premium one. But make sure to download them from a legit and secured site. Else, you can get injected by the malware or other malicious codes. So, if you want to use the free or open-source video converter on your device, you need to download them from a secure source.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Online Video Converter Safe?

Not all online video converters are safe to use. Some of them are safe to use, while others may cause harm to your device. So, be aware while using the online video converters to convert the video. Else, it may get ugly for your device.

Is Any Video Converter Good?

The Any Video Converter is pretty good at converting videos. It can convert videos into more than 100 video formats. Also, you can save videos from Any Video Converter without compromising the video quality.

Can I Use Any Video Converter on Mac?

No, you cannot use Any Video Converter on Mac or other operating systems. This converter is only available on the Windows operating system. You cannot use this converter on Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and other operating systems.


At this point, you have already known whether Any Video Converter is malicious or not. It can save your converted video without compromising video quality. Make sure to download any application from a trustworthy source to avoid further risks. That’s all for today, have a great day.

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