Cyberselves at Being Human Festival

On Thursday, 19 November, Cyberselves will be hosting an Exhibition of robotics and virtual reality at the Circle in Sheffield.

The ‘Cyberselves exhibition’ encourages visitors to experience cyber-worlds with cutting-edge technology and be involved in the debate around issues such as, ‘How are we being transformed by our participation in cyber-spaces?’, ‘What are the consequences for our conceptions of self when we can transport ourselves to virtual worlds?’ and ‘How have we imagined such transformations of the self through technology in popular media?’. This hands-on demonstration and talk by Dr Michael Szollosy and team from Sheffield Robotics will take your thinking to a whole new level about how our everyday lives are being transformed by our participation in cyber-worlds.

Details on the event can be found here. You can book, but if you are in the area please do feel free to drop in (pre-booking is not necessary, whatever it might say on the event page). We look forward to greeting you!

Being Human is a Festival of the Humanities, hosting events across the UK from the 12-22 November. Sheffield is privileged to be one of the host ‘Hubs’, with numerous events across the city. See this article for more details.

Our Being Human exhibition will be capped with a screening of the classic film Metropolis at the Showroom cinema on Tuesday, 24 November, part of our Robosapiens film series. Metropolis will be introduced by the one and only Professor Noel Sharkey. Bookings for that event are available here.

For more details follow @DreamingRobots @BeingHumanFest and #BeingHuman15.

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