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Cyberselves @ Manchester MSI and BETT

It was a busy January for the Cyberselves team, as we visited the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry and occupied their Platform for Investigation. We brought MiRo, Naos and were able to show off our new teleoperated Pepper robot.

The following week, a smaller team went down to the BETT Show at ExCel London to talk to people about using MiRo in classrooms, as a means of teaching coding to students, from KS2 to university undergraduates. We learned much at BETT, and we’re grateful to all the exhibitors and visitors that took the time to talk to us. We learned, too, that MiRo is much more than just a platform coding; there was tremendous interest in using MiRo as a social robot in the classroom, engaging with students and looking to improve student well-being.

We are working on developing materials for MiRo that will suit both of these purposes. Watch this space (and contact us if you are interested in learning more, or taking part in developing MiRo). In the meantime, here are some highlights:

Cyberselves at Manchester Museum of Science & Industry, 20 Jan 2018
MiRo at BETT

We also made it into BETT’s highlight reel – have a look:

1 comment on “Cyberselves @ Manchester MSI and BETT


    Desperate to have you guys at our Robotics week – ingenuityandbeyond.com at UTC Leeds – please come back to my (many) emails when you have a moment! Well done at BETT


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