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The Cyberselves Roadshow in Maastricht with the Human Brain Project

The Cyberselves Roadshow again goes international with a visit to Maastricht for the Human Brain Project Open Day.

The Human Brain Project Open Day and Summit are opportunities for some of the more than 500 scientists working in over 100 universities across the European Union to meet and look back on successes and discuss the ways forward for the Project, which last month passed the half-way point on its 10-year journey.

This year’s Open Day reached record numbers: read the full story on the HBP website here.

Researchers contributing to Cyberselves and the Cyberselves Roadshow are making important contributions to Human Brain Project research through the University of Sheffield, especially in Subproject 3, ‘Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience’, which looks at cognitive processes and consciousness.

We have also employed our expertise, acquired through travelling with the Cyberselves Roadshow, delivering and working with large-scale public events to help bring the important work of the Human Brain Project to wider audiences. We have not only attended the last two Open Days (this year in Maastricht and 2017 in Glasgow), we have also helped organise the HBP Innovation Expo at London’s Science Museum last March.

We’ve also been lucky enough to bring our Miro robots to other HBP-sponsored events, or events with HBP support and contributions, including DutchBrain, an HBP outreach event in Amsterdam (March 2018), and Esperienza Insegna, held last February in Palermo, Italy, hosted by HBP partners at the Universita di Palermo, Sicily (on Subproject 6, ‘Brain Simulation Platform’).

The Human Brain Project has been an important partner that we are proud to discuss and inform the public about everywhere we go; they have helped make possible our participation in many of the festivals and events we’ve attended in the last two years, for example, the Cheltenham Science Festival and New Scientist Live. (For a full list of Roadshow events, check out this page.)

Read the full stories on the Human Brain Project website:




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