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Cyberselves Roadshow goes to Wales!

The Cyberselves team were thrilled to be able to bring our Roadshow to Wales last month; specifically, Monmouth and Newport.

wales3-edWe brought our touring robot show to Monmouth Comprehensive School and spent a morning giving demonstrations to, and had the chance to talk with, six-form and Year 9 students, who we found to be an utterly charming and really terrifically bright bunch of young adults.

We were also visited by a Year 5 class from Osbaston Primary School from Monmouth, who were fabulous and asked some brilliant, challenging questions.

In the afternoon, we went to Riverfront Theatre in Newport, where we hosted an open house for anyone that wanted to come and meet the robots and our researchers. We were especially privileged to welcome the Newport Tech Club, a social gaming club for people on the autistic spectrum, whose members’ enthusiasm and curiosity proved to be a fantastic way to end a long day (but, alas, a short visit).

Special thanks to Deputy Head Tim Bird of Monmouth Comprehensive and Deserie Mansfield from Monmouthshire County Council for taking such great care of us.


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