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Exciting June for Cyberselves!

There will be plenty of chances to catch the Cyberselves Roadshow out and around the UK this month – stay up-to-date with our calendar here.

First, Cyberselves will be joining with our colleagues at Sheffield Robotics, the University of Sheffield and the wider UK-RAS network of universities engaged in robotics research down at the famous Cheltenham Science Festival. We were in Cheltenham last year, so we know what a great opportunity and privilege it is to talk to people of all ages about our collective future with robotics, AI, and new technologies.

We’re going to be on a packed area in the CyberZone at Cheltenham along with the Schools Robotics Challenge. It will be a busy area with lots of robots and things to make and do.

At the same time, a team from Cyberselves will be in Edinburgh for a Jisc Connect More event there on 4 June. And next week, we’ll be at the Jisc Connect event in London on 11 June, as part of London’s Tech Week.

From there, we’re heading to London’s ExCel Centre for the 12th & 13th June for the AI Summit – more information and tickets for that are available here.

While meeting the robots and enjoying teleoperating our humanoid robots, please do also ask our team about our report into Skills and Education in Robotics and AI (SERAI), a copy of which is available here to download. We’re very interested in the challenges to our human societies posed by new technologies like robots and AI, and how our education systems and workplaces in particular need to change as we try to reap the benefits of these technologies; we want to share our ideas with you on this and hear, too, what your thoughts are, so please drop by for a chat as well.

Looking forward to seeing you our and about in the coming weeks!

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