The Cyberselves Roadshow

Building on our research and previous experience of bringing new technologies to public events, where we can discuss the cultural and social impacts of robots, AI, VR, and teleoperation, we have been awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant to take our demonstrations, activities and interactive exhibits around the UK. Working with other partners, including the Human Brain Project, we want to bring exciting, inspiring experiences to as many people in the UK as we can.

Our ‘Cyberselves Roadshow’ will see Sheffield Robotics researchers bring demonstrations and activities to a variety of venues. We will offer formal talks and informal chats about how our future will be shaped by new technologies. We will encourage everyone to take an interest in helping to shape this future, encourage both young and old to get involved, and encourage STEM learning for everyone. We can also offer activities and workshops

If you would be interested in having the Cyberselves Roadshow visit you, please click here.

The Cyberselves Roadshow – in pictures

** NEW ** Telepresence demonstration

Audiences can have the opportunity to see the world through a robot’s eyes, and control it’s head and hand movements, using an Oculus Rift VR headset and controller.

Miro Robot

We have a large ‘capek’ (the collective noun for these biomimetic robots) of these robots, developed in cooperation with Consequential Robotics as a social robot to be used in care and education.

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Humanoid robots

We have programmed Nao and Pepper robots to interact with audiences in a variety of ways; they are great for starting conversations about how robots and humans are different, what it means to be human, and what robots might be able to serve us in the future. Our Naos and Pepper have also done a lot of really interesting work over the years, including giving out an award live on stage at Sheffield DocFest, introducing a film at Sensoria Film Festival, and even performed a dance at the Block Universe Festival. In the Cyberselves Roadshow, they will chat to visitors, and will always have some special words for each event.

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Robot simulators and coding workshops

We have a number of laptops that we can use to deliver coding workshops to groups of budding computer scientists, or that can just allow people of all ages and abilities to muck in and have fun exploring how we program robots.

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Sheffield Robotics has a number of academics that can give short talks, deliver longer lectures, and take part on panels on any number of topics, from the technical challenges faced by robotics and AI to the social impacts of new technologies, from the history of robots in our culture to ideas as to what our future world, filled with intelligent machines, might be like to live in. Let us know what you would like us to speak about and to what audience and we can accommodate. Even our robots like to get in on the action, stealing jobs from our human researchers and academics!

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Other activities

Sheffield Robotics is committed to bringing educational and inspirational activities and demonstrations involving robots, AI, VR, and other new technologies to the public.

A video from MCR Live featuring Michael and some of our Sheffield robots at the Bluedot Festival of science and music.

Our Pepper robot took part in a live performance of Rory Pilgrim’s Software Garden at London’s Block Universe festival.


A video made by the University of Sheffield about our Dancing with Robots exhibition for 2016’s Festival of the Mind, in collaboration with Instant Dissidence

@tonyjprescott and @michaelszollosy at Sheffield’s Code>Make>Win 2016. We are committed to STEM learning and (re-)training, for children and adults. tonyandmichaelcodemakewin