The Miro Maze

The Miro Maze is the latest exciting experience from the Cyberselves Roadshow. The Maze brings our years of academic research into robotics, AI, and VR, together with our commitment to create unique, entertaining, hands-on demonstrations of robotics and VR that audiences love.

Recalling the famous ‘rat in a maze’ experiments that helped us understand so much about psychology and behaviourism, our telepresence technology allows users to explore the maze in an immersive way, themselves becoming the robot that has to navigate through the maze’s twists and turns.

Have a look at Cyberselves’ programmer Daniel as he guides the robot through the maze (in expert fashion…)

The Miro Maze is proving very popular with children and adults alike, who enjoy trying to beat set times and each others’ records, while getting to grips with the sensation of being a 30cm tall mammal-like robot. It’s also a chance for users to think about important issues related to these new technologies, and also the philosophical questions about

A Cyberselves Roadshow workshop.

Though Cyberselves’ software allows users the unique experience of teleoperating the robot around the maze, we can also run more conventional programming workshops where the robot is programmed to move around the maze on its own, either as directed by the user or autonomously. 

The Miro Maze is a fun and engaging experience for children and adults alike. It introduces users to ideas and issues in and around robotics, AI, human-robot interaction, virtual reality, and a future of work where robots and variable autonomy are commonplace. Cyberselves staff and University of Sheffield roboticists will be on-hand to discuss these issues and more with audiences. 

In mid-20th century, psychologist Edward Tolman performed many now-famous experiments with rats in various mazes, to learn more about how mammal’s brains understood space. 

Today, we are offering human users the chance to find out first hand what it was like to be one of those rats. It’s a lot of fun. But more importantly, it lets us start conversations with audiences about virtual reality, robotics, human psychology, and what happens to the human self when it is projected into such cyberspaces. 

This is part of a wider set of experiments Cyberselves is exploring in partnership with the Human Brain Project and Sheffield Robotics.

If you are interested in learning more about the Miro Maze, or have the Miro Maze at your event or venue, please fill out the form below, or email

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