A report for Sheffield Robotics and the University of Sheffield prepared by consultant Richard Waterstone, Skills & Edudation in Robtoics & AI, SERAI, examines the opportunities offered to the UK economy by Industry 4.0 – robotics, AI, the Internet of Things and associated technologies – in terms of productivity, potential national prosperity, and progressive social and economic change.

To get a copy of our report into Skills & Education in Robots and AI, simply download the report below (.pdf file):

Or, if you would prefer a hardcopy of the report (or would like to discuss the report with us at greater length, or speak with your organisation about addressing the challenges posed by Industry 4.0), please fill out the form below and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

You can read a review of the launch of our report here, including some insights and contributions from important speakers from UK education and industry.

Look for Richard and the Cyberselves team discussing our future worlds of robotics and AI at one of our Roadshow events, coming to a location near you soon.

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