Who Are We

We deal with various kinds of threats and security issues on the internet. As days go by and life everywhere goes on more online, everything is at risk without perfect protection and knowledge.

Cyber Selves aims to educate, solve and secure every single person in the world with all the knowledge there is in the book. With our enthusiastic research and developer team, we calculate, evaluate and solve different problems on our own to bring out the perfect solution.

At the same time, we provide intel about the best security measures you can take by reviewing and analyzing different antimalware, antitheft, and antivirus software. 

Our Team

We have a team of talented, enthusiastic, and digitally intelligent individuals who work on every single problem that is found on the internet. They not only test and solve the problems but combine their idea with our dedicated writing and editorial team to produce a more familiar approach for our readers.

This makes the whole team work together with synchronization and harmony making every article published clearer for our readers. As they strive for excellence, they get themselves known with every latest tech, their problems, and solving them. In addition, they also work with software and programs relating to malwares and security risks.

Main Objectives of Cyber Selves 

As the name implies, we want to educate, guide, and spread knowledge about the cyber world. Here are our main objectives 

  • Clarify Cyber Security and Crime: Make people understand the risk of their information on the internet and provide methods of security. Also aware of the crimes that are committed over the internet. 
  • Secure browsing and malware treatment: Provide our readers with secure methods of web browsing and treat their already infected computer system. 
  • Introduce and solve different connectivity issues: Solve different problems that Routers, LAN, WAN, and any other device face.
  • Alert about different online finance scams: Educate our readers about any scam relating to financial investment like Crypto and other online currencies. 

Our Future Projects

We are a growing group of individuals who work along as a team with their special areas of expertise. We want to make every individual in the internet world know about the threats and security risks they might face without the perfect layer of protection.

This is why we will keep on investigating the latest risks and threats as they emerge and alert our readers about them right away. We would like to keep on doing that and also talk about different connectivity device safeties as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Cyber Selves assess different security risks?

Cyber Selves assess different security risks based on different lab test results, monthly threat reports, and user feedback from security software.

Is my computer at risk of getting infected by malware?

Yes. Even if your computer is not connected to the internet,