How to Uncover Blacked-Out Text? Is the Text Readable?

People use blackouts or hiding tools to hide something from an image or screen. Most people believe that no one is able to see the blacked-out text on a screen. But they don’t know that reading or uncovering text is pretty easy. It is as simple as blacking out or hiding texts from a screen or image. In most of the blacked-out texts, the marker tools are used to hide sensitive information in various colors, including black and white.

how to uncover blacked out text

How to Uncover Blacked-Out Text? – Showing Steps

It is nearly impossible to remove the used solid marker or layers from a blacked-out image, but it is easy to read or see the hidden information from the images. Here are some tips, by which you can read the hidden texts from a screen with a few sliding motions of your finger;

1. Removing Highlighter Obfuscation from Image Texts

As said before, you can read or see the hidden texts from a blacked-out image by a few sliding motions. You need to follow these below-described steps to see through the highlighter obfuscation;


Open an image or photo that has blacked-out texts and open it with the Photos app of your smartphone. Afterward, click on Edit. Also, you can use third-party photo editing tools that are able to increase or decrease brilliance, shadows, brightness, exposure, highlights, and contrast.


From the editor, increase the brilliance, shadows, and brightness of the image or photo to 100 percent. It will make visible the hidden texts of the image. If you are still not able to read or see the hidden contents, you need to increase the exposure, and highlights of the image to 100 percent and decrease the contrast to 100 percent. Zoom in on the highlighted area to see through the obfuscation more clearly.

[Note; These above steps are most efficient when the obfuscation is dark or black. Depending on the obfuscation layer, you need to repeat the steps several times. Save the changes before applying the steps again.]

Some other variables can be responsible to make the process much easier or difficult for you. When the black highlighter of the image is not very thick, it is possible to remove the highlighter with two or different adjustment tools. The color and the background could make the removal process difficult (Especially when the light color is used as obfuscation background). The light colors (e.g., yellow, sky blue, violet) could lead you to difficulty reading the hidden contents.

2. Different Colors in Background and Highlighter

To see or read through the different colors (except dark or black), you need to increase or decrease the same photo tools while editing the image or photo. For example, you have to increase the brightness or highlights to 100 percent on a red highlighter obfuscation. If you are still having trouble seeing through the obfuscation, try out other adjustment tools. In an obfuscation with a white highlighter, you have to increase the sharpness and brilliance to 100 percent, and decrease brightness and contrast to 100 percent

How to Make It More Difficult to Reveal the Text of an Image?

For hiding sensitive information from images or screenshots, there are some tips you should follow. These tips are really helpful and efficient to permanently disappear the texts from an image. Below-described tools will help you to hide your texts or information permanently;  

1. Increasing the Highlighted Layers

The highlighter gives you the best look to hide your contents. Though it is possible to see through the single highlighted layers easily, using multilayer on the same text could make it much harder. Multilayer adds heavier layers of highlight, which makes it a hard nut to crack. To do so, you just need to lift your finger while swiping for highlighting, and you will need to do it again and again to add multiple layers.

2. Highlight Certain Settings Page

While obfuscating texts of a screenshot that contains specific information about your smartphone, you should use a multilayered highlighter on certain contents including passwords, IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), serial number, or other settings. In iPhone, iOS helps its user to hide these data while using Markup tools. As an example, if you swipe once or twice on your IMEI, iOS will think that you want to highlight it, that’s why you need to swipe more than twice to let iOS think that you want to hide the IMEI. Also, you need to do the same thing while using Markup tools to hide other sensitive information and setting from a screenshot.

3. Using the Pen Tool

The pen tool is a solid marker. With the 100 percent opacity of the pen tool, any color is more than enough to hide any content of an image or photo. Though the pencil tool is also a useful option to hide photo content, it cannot permanently hide the content from prying eyes and image editing tools. That’s why you can use the pen tool with 100 percent opacity can make it harder to reveal your hidden contents from an image or photo.

4. Using the Shape Tool

To hide any information or content from an image or screenshot permanently, the shape tool is another useful tool. Insert a shape on the image (comment box, circle, square, triangle, star, rectangle, etc.) from the available shapes and place it over the text you want to hide. You must fill the shape with a color. Picking any color is recommended.

By using the arrow tool, you can make a thick line to hide the contents. Also, you can hide the contents by using any shape over the text. It doesn’t matter what shape or color you used to hide the text or content, there is no way to reveal the text underneath the shape. So, using the shape tools can help you to permanently hide the texture or contents from the image or screenshots.

5. Third-Party Application

Some third-party application is designed to professionally obfuscate private and sensitive information from an image or photo. A third-party application like Image Scrubber, Everest Pipkin, PixelKnot, Cloak allows users to heavy-duty markers to hide texture and other information from an image or photo. Also, these third-party tools can erase the location metadata of an image, which makes your image untraceable. If you erase the location metadata of your image, no one will know where the image is taken or captured.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Image Editing Tools I can Use to Reveal the Hidden Texts of an Image?

Editing tools that have adjustment features are perfect to reveal the hidden textures from an image or photo. Increasing or decreasing brightness, contrast, shadow, exposure, highlight, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, brilliance are included in the adjustment features of an image editing tool.

What Color Should I Use in Pen Tool?

You can use any color in a pen tool to hide your texture, information, or content from an image or screenshot. You just need to make sure to use the pen tool with 100 percent opacity. This will make it harder to reveal the hidden texture.

Should I Use a Third-party Application or Web Tool to Hide Texture from an Image?

Well, you can use either application or web tool to permanently and professionally hide texture from an image. But using a trusted third-party application could make it much easier to hide or reveal texture from an image or photo.

Final Words

So, how can you reveal or hide the texture from an image or screenshot? I hope you know the answer to this question now. Using multiple layers, pen tools, or shapes could hide the texture from an image or screenshots permanently, and it is always better to hide texture permanently. That’s all for today, have a great day, and see you soon. 

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