Can Xbox One Get a Virus From Internet Explorer? 5 Effective Prevention Steps

The Xbox One can get infected with malware if the user downloads or visits a website that hosts infected files using Internet Explorer. Yet, it’s notable that Windows 10 serves as the basis for the Xbox One’s os, Xbox OS, and that Windows 10 itself has security protections that can assist prevent virus infection. Furthermore, users cannot install source code or software on their Xbox One, which can aid in preventing the spread of viruses.

To prevent viruses from infecting your console, it has built safeguards. But because it’s online, you’re still unprotected. Along with the dangers, you may face are malware as well as phishing attempts.

Can Xbox One Get a Virus From Internet Explorer

Symptoms When Xbox One Gets a Virus From Internet Explorer

Certain malware can use your console as an entry point and attack other devices on your network. You will need to look out for any type of weird behavior from your console. The signs are the following:

1. Random Friend Request

You have to be alert for suspicious activity if you’ve seen a rise in the number of random friend requests. Hackers will exploit this as one of their main entrances to gain access to the complete network.

2. Strange Alerts and Messages are Being Sent

Messages containing odd links are also one of the indicators that you should be on the alert for. If they appear to be scams and contain links, then hackers are probably attempting to break in.

3. Purchases Made Without Authorization

When you start noticing purchases that you didn’t make using your Xbox id, you have a problem. This is how you’ll know there’s a problem.

4. Random Disconnections

Systems designed to detect and prevent cheating in online games are available. There is likely a problem with your controller if you begin to experience unexpected disconnects while you are in the mid of playing. It is one of the warning signals that you’ll have to keep an eye out for to determine whether or not a virus or other form of malware has infected your Xbox. Moving on to the preventative measures you may take to ensure that your device does not become infected.

Prevent Viruses From Internet Explorer on Xbox

If your Xbox console is infected with viruses, You can get into big trouble. Or, you should take some effective measures to prevent the virus from internet explorer on your Xbox. The steps are following:

Step 1: Change Your Passwords Regularly

Staying vigilant is your best defense against online threats like viruses, spyware, and other fraud when using the internet. It is important to be aware of the difference you wish to avoid so that you do not put your console or even the entire system at risk.

A virus and malware may not attack your Xbox directly, however, it still has the potential to spread to certain other devices that are connected.

Changing the password for your Microsoft account can be done in the following steps:

  • You can access your Microsoft account by signing in.
  • Continue to the page that deals with security.
  • Please enter your existing password when prompted.
  • Make up a new password for the account.
  • Please retype it to verify, then click the Save button.

Step 2: Don’t Click on Suspicious-Looking Links

A malicious user can get access to your network in several different ways, one of which is by giving you links to potentially harmful websites. Because you have blocked messages from anonymous contacts, the only way you will be able to access these links and click on them is by using the in-app browser.

There is a chance that your console will not become infected with viruses if you hit on a link that comes from a sketchy website. On the other hand, it may affect other devices connected. It is also important to take extra caution and avoid clicking on links that you do not fully believe in.

This is how you may prevent potentially dangerous URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) from appearing across your entire console:

  • To access your Xbox, hit the button located on your controller.
  • After selecting Profile & System, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • After selecting the Account tab, proceed to the Privacy & Online Safety section.
  • Proceed to the Message Safety tab.
  • Choose this option to exclude any Web links.

Step 3: Avoid Purchasing Video Games from Unofficial Sources

There is a central marketplace where all of Microsoft’s games including subscriptions may be purchased officially. On the other hand, there may be other internet vendors who can provide games at appreciably lower charges.

These websites may occasionally be part of a fraudulent phishing scheme in which you unwittingly provide them with your personal information. In order to keep your account safe, you need to take the following steps:

  • You must always make your purchases using the Official Windows Store.
  • Avoid entering your login information on websites that look fishy.
  • Stop providing online merchants with any private information about yourself.
  • Do not disclose the details of your gaming account to anyone else.

Step 4: Update the latest version of your Xbox Software 

Updating the software of your Xbox may be one of the finest things you can do to prevent malware assaults on both your console as well as your network.

Microsoft can make significant improvements to the console’s security features for each update, allowing it to protect against the most recent virus attacks. The following is the procedure for updating your Xbox:

  • To access your Xbox, hit the Xbox option located on your controller.
  • Navigate to the Profile & system menu, and then choose Settings.
  • Choose Updates after you have selected System.
  • Here on the Updates tab, select the option to Update your console when it becomes available.
  • Please be patient while the update completes.

Step 5: Reset Your Xbox 

Resetting your console is the key to preventing the spread of the infection if you become infected with it and experience any of the symptoms outlined above.

It will also delete any signs of spyware that may be present on your console, thereby preventing it from spreading further across your existing system. Follow these steps to reset your Xbox:

  • Activate the controller by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Select Profile & system, and then select Settings from the menu.
  • Go to the System menu, and then choose Console info.
  • Select the option to reset the console.


A virus from internet explorer can easily affect our Xbox one. There are some common symptoms you will notice if your Xbox console gets infected by viruses. You can follow the steps described above to prevent or remove viruses from your Xbox. 

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