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Tumblr is one of the most popular social sites that is used to share posts, texts, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos through a device. Though using Tumblr is cool and interesting, you may face some disturbance made by the visitors of your account. In this case, blocking that specific visitor IP (Internet Protocol) address could help you to sort out the disturbance. If you want to hide your activity from someone who can cause disturbance on your Tumblr blog site, we are here to help you. So, let’s start with how to block an IP address on Tumblr.

how to block an ip address on tumblr

How to Block an IP Address on Tumblr? – Showing the Steps

To block a visitor’s IP, you have to track the IP address first. You can only be able to block an IP when you know the IP address. Statcounter would help you to track the IP address. The steps of tracking the visitor’s IP is given below;

Tracking the Visitor IP Through Statcounter

Statcounter is a web traffic analysis site that can track and analyze websites by installing a tracking code on the HTML code of a website’s webpage. It is an effective way to track the traffic of your Tumblr account. So, let’s know how to track the visitor’s traffic through Statcounter. After tracking a visitor’s traffic, you can find the visitor’s IP address and able to block the IP address. You need to follow these below-described steps to track the visitors IP


Sign in to the Statcounter from here. After signing in to the Statcounter Website, create a project (you need to provide your Tumblr Website URL and Title to create a project on Statcounter).


Now, open the Homepage of your Tumblr blog account (e.g. in a new tab, and click on the Edit Appearance button from the top-right corner of the Tumblr page (you can find it on the left side of the Settings Icon). It will open the Edit Theme options of your Tumblr account.


Afterward, click on Edit HTML beneath the Custom theme option to open the HTML editor. Scroll to the bottom of the HTML Codes, and find </body>. Hereafter, paste the code provided by Statcounter above </body>. After pasting, the Statcounter code, click on the Update Preview and then Save to apply the changes made by you on HTML codes.


Open the Statcounter tab and click on Check Installation from the opened webpage. Statcounter will check and verify the HTML code installation. Thereafter, go to Projects and click on View Stats to open the Project Summary Statistics. After that, go to the left panel of the webpage and click on Visitors Path (you can find it on the recent activity options). From here, you can track all the visitors to your Tumblr account.

Blocking the IP Address

After successfully starting to track the visitor’s IP address through Statcounter, now it is time to block the IP addresses. You need to follow these below-described steps to block an IP address.


Now, it’s time to block the irritating IP address, open this webpage and type the IP addresses you want to block to access your Tumblr site. Afterward, type the URL of your Tumblr site, and then click on Generate HTML Code.


After generating the HTML code, you need to paste the HTML code on the HTML code of your website’s HTML. You need to paste the code below the <head> (you can find <head> on the 5/6/7th line of your website’s HTML code).

Now, you are all done. Though this is a complex process, it can help you to block annoying users’ IP addresses directly on Tumblr.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Block a User on Tumblr?

To block a user on Tumblr, you have to open the account you want to block and click on the Meatballs menu (the vertical dots that can redirect you to the options). Now, select Block from the options to block the user.

Can I block an IP Address Without HTML Code?

Well, it depends on the software you are using to manage the site. Except for the HTML code, you can block an IP address through the Firewall application.

How to Hide My IP Address?

It is pretty much easy to hide your IP address; you just need to use a VPN network. A VPN connection could help you to hide your IP address effectively.

Wrapping Up

After knowing about the above-described steps of blocking an IP address to visit your Tumblr blog site, hope that you have successfully blocked the disturbing IP address. Be careful while pasting the HTML codes on the HTML script, else it could go either way and could lead you to face another issue if there is the slightest mistake. That’s all for today, keep blogging safely. 

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