Does DeviantArt Have Viruses? Easy Explanation

Undoubtedly, DeviantArt is the largest online platform to exhibit, promote and share artworks with the art enthusiastic community. So many artists from all over the world use this online art gallery to get connected with art enthusiasts worldwide. But things become frustrating when you get to know that you can get a virus from this platform.  

Yes, there are numerous complaints that users are getting affected by viruses from DeviantArt. But how is this possible? The truth is DeviantArt itself is a safe platform and doesn’t offer any malware intentionally. But users get in contact with malware while downloading files on this site. 

In this post, we’ll break down the entire matter in a convenient way so that you have a clear concept of it. Therefore, take a few minutes and read the post till the end. 

Does DeviantArt Have Viruses

Is It Possible for DeviantArt to Have Viruses?

The harsh truth is DevianArt does have viruses and the artworks are considered the main source of them. There are nearly 350 million artworks available on DeviantArt and anyone can potentially put a virus in an artwork. So, if you try to download any malicious artwork, you can get a virus from the download link. 

If you’re wondering how it can be so easy, the answer is that the security system of this site is to blame. There’s a significant flaw of this site that it can’t filter out malicious download links. Therefore, corrupted files and cookies have the chance to get into DeviantArt’s system in several ways, making the platform more vulnerable to virus exploitation. 

Sometimes viruses exploit through fake and malicious advertisement pop-ups. You can determine you’ve been infected when you face multiple pop-ups regarding Windows Security warnings. The warnings state that your computer system gets infected and then it shows a scanning is in progress. When the scanning is finished, it comes up with a list of random files, claiming that the advertisements you’ve already faced are viruses. And the interesting yet disturbing part is these warning pop-ups are also malicious. 

It has been found that the viruses users get in contact with while visiting this site are basically trojan, spyware, and rogueware. 

Notable Tips While Using DeviantArt

If you’re a DeviantArt user regardless of being an artist or art enthusiast, it’s better that you start taking some precautions from now. Those are – 

  1. Avoid downloading files from this platform if possible. Otherwise, download from reliable and reputable sources skipping the unfamiliar or suspicious ones. 
  2. Avoid downloading files of unknown formats.
  3. Make use of a powerful antimalware program to scan those downloaded files and further safety from threats. Don’t forget to keep it up-to-date. 


Now that you’ve read this far, it’s quite assumable that you’ve understood the matter regarding the virus contamination of DeviantArt. In short, it can be said that DeviantArt does have viruses but the authority doesn’t provide them intentionally. It’s the fraud users who put and make sure that viruses can be spread through the site materials. Therefore, you need to be careful if you’re a user of this platform. 

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