Is NiceHash a Virus? Answered for You

The simplest answer to this question is NO! NiceHash Miner is a genuine cryptocurrency mining program that also functions as a marketplace, where you can connect your mining device and sell computing power in exchange for bitcoins. There are 2.5 million active users who use NiceHash for their mining and most of them haven’t complained about it being a virus. 

This concern actually arises when some users have seen that their antivirus or antimalware programs are detecting NiceHash as a virus. They’re wondering whether NiceHash is really a virus or not. To clear up this confusion, we’re here to explain the matter in an easier way. 

So, read the post till the end without skipping any part. 

Is NiceHash a Virus

Is NiceHash Miner Really a Virus?

NiceHash Miner isn’t a virus. But antimalware programs always flag this software as a virus. The simple reason behind this scenario is all types of mining programs are typically blacklisted by antivirus programs. But why so? Well, there are two possible causes to blame. 

One is such mining programs (including NiceHash) that utilize third-party miners to enhance the mining process which most likely aren’t reliable or trustworthy. Maybe some of them use compromised mining devices that contain viruses that can use miners to generate more credits. But the case is pretty rare, especially for NiceHash. 

The other one is miners install relevant programs in order to operate properly, which is a nearly similar activity that the aforementioned potential viruses do. Most of the time antivirus programs can’t determine the difference between them, and as a result, they false-positively detect miners as a virus and NiceHash isn’t an exception. 

NiceHash Miner mainly uses their own GPL open-source program where the mining algorithms don’t contain any malicious code and are guaranteed to not have any viruses. But as they make use of third-party miners too, they can’t guarantee that these miners will be safe.

Although in most cases NiceHash proves itself harmless and downloading and installing the program from its official website makes it safer and more secure. But if you’re still concerned about using it, you can simply use any other reliable cryptocurrency mining platform like MinerGate, Awesome Miner, Binance, etc. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is it safe to use NiceHash on my PC?

Yes, it is. NiceHash is a reputed and renowned cryptocurrency mining application whose main purpose is to offer a platform to individuals so that they can participate in mining without requiring any personal setup or mining device.  Just try to be careful while choosing the third-party miners that you want to use. 

How do I stop my antivirus from deleting NiceHash?

You can do so easily by following some convenient steps. Start by opening your antivirus program and getting into the Virus & Threat protection. Then go to the Manage settings and select Add or remove exclusion option. Finally, select Add an exclusion and add the NiceHash folder as an exclusion 


As you’ve read this far, we assume that you understand the entire matter regarding whether the NiceHash Miner program is a virus. Yes, it isn’t a virus itself, and using it is safe unless you go for the third-party miners regarded to it. So, always be cautious and use a powerful antimalware program to protect your device from potential viruses. Let us know if you find this post informative. 

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