How to Remove PUP Malware That Keeps Coming Back?

Potentially Unwanted Program or PUP is a program that is mainly unwanted on a device system, and often installed on a device system as bundled with other programs. PUPs can be dangerous for a device system. For which, it is always better to remove the PUPs whenever it is detected by the security tools. But some PUP keeps coming back on the device, even after removing them from the device multiple times.

How to Remove PUP Malware That Keeps Coming Back

Why Does PUP Malware Keeps Coming Back?

As you know, many programs like toolbars, add-ons/extensions, and plug-ins can come bundled with other applications. Some of them have includes installers or downloaders, which can often be the source of various issues. On top of that, some bundled installers keep installing the programs again and again, even after removing the PUP from the device.

A vendor includes bundled programs as a way of paying per install, and now this has become the most common revenue generator for free downloads. Some bundled application includes a pre-checked option which is responsible for coming back the PUP. Though, sometimes the PUP still comes back after removal; even after opting out of that pre-checked button.

How to Remove PUP Malware That Keeps Coming Back?

It is nearly impossible to know which legit or malicious program generated the PUP on the device system. Still, a security scan can identify the presence of malicious codes or programs on a device. So, it is necessary to run a deep scan to check if there is any presence of malicious codes or programs on the device. If you find any malicious presence, remove them from your device. If the PUP is generated by the malicious code or program, removing them will stop the malicious code from coming back again and again on the device.

When there is no malicious presence on your device system and the PUP keeps coming back; it is possible that the PUP is modified or generated by a legit program. If so, you shouldn’t be worrying about this, they are not harmful to a device. Still, it will be better to quarantine the detected PUP. Remember to use an advanced-leveled anti-malware tool to run the security scan of your device system.

What Can PUPs Do on an Infected Device?

PUPs can conduct many malicious or disturbing tasks on a device system. The best-case scenario on a PUP-infected device is that it (PUP) is using the device resource for no good reason. Here is the impact of PUPs on a device system;

1. Generate Pop-Ups and Advertisements

The majority of the PUPs are designed for making money through showing advertisements and pop-ups.  Some PUPs are designed for showing malicious pop-ups as well as advertisements.

2. Browser Modification

Some PUPs can modify browser settings without user permission. Also, you may notice unusual toolbars, plug-ins, and extensions on the browser. Some PUPs are capable to redirect you to other sites upon click.

3. Downloading More PUPs

To make money, some PUPs may install other PUPs on the device. For this, you may find too many PUPs on an infected device.

4. Eavesdropping

The most fearsome part of having PUP is that it can contain spyware. And you know how much notoriety does spyware have for eavesdropping or spying on you.

5. Wasting System Resources

Though, this is the least dangerous impact of having PUPs on the device. Still, it can affect your device’s performance and may impede other programs from running.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are PUPs Spyware?

No, but some PUPs are able to spy or eavesdrop on the user or organization. Some others can track the browsing data, habits, and other information to gain financial facilities from the advertiser.

How Do I Find Unwanted Programs on My Computer?

Security scan with a third-party security tool can detect unwanted programs of a device system. Another practice is to detect unwanted programs by checking the process tab of task managers or process explorers.

Are PUPs and PUMs the Same?

No, PUPs and PUMs are not the same things. PUPs are the Potentially Unwanted Program that refers to the unnecessary third-party programs which are harmful to device system. Whilst, the PUMs refer to Potential Unwanted Modifications. Both of them are considered to be malicious for a device system.


Now, you have known enough about the PUP malware that keeps coming back on the device system again and again. Being aware while installing a program can keep the PUPs away from your device system. Also, it is necessary to browse safely to keep your device secure against any malicious threats. That’s all for today, have a great day.

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