Why Would Peerless Network Calling Me? Why I am Getting the Calls?

In recent times, cyber issues are increasing all over the world. Some of these cyber issues are created by making fake calls through peerless networks. Though this service was invented to make business communication easy for customers and enterprises, most users get annoyed by continuous spam or peerless network calls. Nowadays, complaints against these types of calls are getting common. So, why are you getting peerless network calls?

why would peerless network calling me

Why Would Peerless Network Calling You?

As you may know, peerless network service is used to provide toll-free customer service. It is possible to have peerless network calls from your network service provider. Recently, some marketing companies use peerless network services to contact potential customers to offer various types of services. Moreover, some peerless network calls are conducted by scammers or criminals to mislead, misguide, spam, hack, steal, and sniff. This also could be a reason for getting peerless calls on your phone.

What to Do to Get Rid of Peerless Calls?

If you do not require any company’s offer via peerless calls and also want to stay safe from scammers, you need to avoid felonious or scam calls as much as possible. Sometimes, it gets disturbing to have continuous peerless network calls on your phone. If so, you need to block the peerless network number or complain about the number. Here is how to do so;

1. Block the Number

You can block a number in various ways on your phone. Using phone built-in blacklist service or third-party blocking applications are ways you can follow to avoid calls from a specific number. Also, you can contact the customer care service of your network service provider to permanently stop annoying calls or text messages.

2. Complaint Against the Number

To stop annoying phone calls, you can opt for the National Do Not Call Registry and fill in the form. Once you fill in the form, the peerless network will notify the carrier about the complaint. For this, the user will need to wait about 31 days to remove numbers from marketing records. Though this is a lengthy process, it is the most effective way to stop the annoying peerless network callers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Peerless Network a Telecommunication Company?

Yes, the peerless network is a telecommunication company that provides the most robust portfolio of high-quality voice communications. It provides its service to most enterprises worldwide.

What is Peerless VoIP?

VoIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a service that allows a user to make phone calls over the internet connection. The peerless network offers customized, scalable, and high-quality VoIP service to its customers. Through this, the customer experiences better quality, rates, and control over business communications.

Can Hacker Use Peerless Calls?

Yes, hackers and cybercriminals can use peerless networks to conduct attacks on a specific user. Moreover, it can be used by hackers on zero-day attacks.


The peerless network calls made it easy for enterprises to operate business communications. Also, it made it easy for hackers and scammers to reach their specific targets. So, you need to be aware while taking phone calls. If things get complicated, block or file a complaint against the number on the national do not call registry. That’s all for today.  

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