Avast vs IObit Malware Fighter | Security Tools Differences

The Avast antivirus and the IObit malware fighter are two third-party security tools that provide maximum protection against threats. Both of them are fantastic at completing their job. Despite the similarities, there are some differences among them. In this article, we will discuss the comparisons between the Avast antivirus and the IObit malware fighter and decide which one should you choose for what reason.  

Avast vs IObit Malware Fighter

What are the Differences Between Avast and IObit Malware Fighter?

There are many differences between Avast antivirus and IObit malware fighters. The differences are described on the below-table; 

 Avast AntivirusIObit Malware Fighter
AboutAvast is a top gun in the antivirus industry. It has around 435 million active users around the world. Avast antivirus can provide the user with all-around online protection against ever-evolving threats. Also, it has some outstanding features to ensure protection against threats. VPN, browser protection, email or instant chat (IM) protection, and safe browsing are some of them. Moreover, it has an offline detection rate of 92.0%, with a minimum number of false positives. The feature may vary on the paid and free versions of Avast antivirus. The paid version offers a lot of features compared to the free version. Virus and threat protection Avast is pretty much quick and easy for users, but it may get significantly slow in some cases. Moreover, it frequently updates the virus definitions, which enables maximum protection against advanced-leveled threats. Also, a user can flag the advanced device-related issues through the Avast antivirus tool.   IObit malware fighter is one of the world-leading Bitdefender engines. With a larger database, the IObit malware fighter can accelerate the scanning process and detect hidden threats to ensure efficient threat detection and removal. The enhanced Data Protect, Browser Protect, and Security Guard feature, it can make a device system more secure. It combines Sensitive Data Protect with the Safe Box to ensure the protection of the user’s private and sensitive data from unauthorized access and the latest threats. Without the correct password, nobody is allowed to access the protected data on the Safe Box. Moreover, it has Email protection with enhanced Surfing Protection and Ads Blocker which can beat crypto-mining attacks, adware, malicious sites, and all types of email-borne threats (spams, phishing scams, and others).  As you are seeing, IObit offers all-around and real-time protection against threats.
Real-time ProtectionYesYes
Customized ScanNoYes
Manual ScanYesYes
USB ScanYesNo
Scheduled ScanYesNo
Automatic ScanYesYes
Registry ScanYesYes
Threat Detection, Removal, and ProtectionSpyware, Worm, Trojan, Rootkit, Phishing, Spam, Email, Chat/IM, Adware,Spyware, Worm, Trojan, Phishing, Spam, Adware, Email.
Online Threat ProtectionYesNo
Extra FeaturePersonal Firewall, Gamer mode, VPN service, Browser Protection.Personal Firewall, Device tune-up
Information DashboardNoYes
Additional DownloadsNoYes
User FriendlyYesYes
CompatibilityWindows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac, Android, iOSWindows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
PricingFree or Paid (Starts from 30 USD)Free or Paid (Starts from 19 USD)

Is IObit Malware Fighter a Good Antivirus?

Yes, the IObit malware fighter is pretty good at detecting and removing threats from a device. But it has some drawbacks. It requires downloading some additional files, and cannot scan the external files, which is considered a major drawback for security tools like IObit malware fighter. Moreover, some feature is only available on the paid version of the IObit malware fighter. Despite these drawbacks, IObit malware fighter is a good antivirus for detecting and removing threats from a device system as well as a network.

Is IObit Malware Fighter Better than Malwarebytes?

The Malwarebytes anti-malware tool is an advanced-leveled malware that provides maximum protection against ever-evolving threats. The paid version of Malwarebytes can provide maximum protection to a device compared to the IObit malware fighter. Moreover, the paid version of Malwarebytes offers more extraordinary features than the IObit malware fighter. But, if you want to use a free version, the IObit malware fighter is the best option.

Is Avast Good at Finding Malware?

Yes, Avast antivirus is pretty good at finding malware and removing the threats. Moreover, it offers some outstanding features that can ensure protection against the most advanced-leveled threats. It can detect 99.6% of potential threats while online. Also, it can detect and remove malware, virus, adware, rootkits, Trojans, worms, and other malicious threats from a device. So, you can use Avast as a third-party security tool on your device, and it is pretty good at detecting and removing threats from a device.

Which One Should I Choose Between Avast and IObit Malware Fighter?

Both Avast and IObit malware fighters are pretty good at detecting and removing threats from a device. With some outstanding features, Avast has some unnecessary features. Whilst the IObit malware fighter only has the necessary feature. Moreover, the IObit malware uses the Bitdefender engine. Also, it is a cheaper option compared to the Avast antivirus tool. So, it will be better to use the IObit malware fighter if you are searching for a light and cheaper version of a third-party security tool. Compared to IObit, Avast is a heavy security tool and can provide protection on a huge network system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the Third-Party Security Tools Better than Windows Defender?

Windows Defender is the default security tool of the Windows-operated computer device, while the third-party security tools are used to enhance the device protection. So, both of them are necessary to ensure maximum protection against threats.

Which Version of Avast Is Best?

Avast One is the top product offered by Avast. The yearly plan of Avast One begins from 50.28 USD per year. It comes with Avast SecureLine VPN (Virtual Private Network) and other features.

Does Avast Steal Data?

Though Avast is pretty good at detecting and removing potential threats from a device, there is some privacy concern among the users. Not long ago, Avast caught on a fiery controversy regarding the use of private user data. In which, the Avast Online Security browser extension was deleted from Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera marketplaces.

Finishing Lines

Now, you have known enough about both IObit malware fighters and Avast. Hope this article will help you to choose the right utility tool. Remember to use the security tool that ensures maximum protection against threats. That’s all for today, have a great day. 

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