[Explained] Can A Virtual Machine Get A Virus?

Virtual Machine is a great invasion for users. A virtual machine is an application that let users imitate a whole computer and run it on an independent machine. As it is behaving like an Operating System therefore there is a chance of being affected by the virus.

If you are a virtual machine user, then some questions can appear in your mind. Can your virtual machine get a virus? If it is affected by a virus, can a virus on a virtual machine infect the host?

Yes, your virtual machine can be affected by viruses and there is a chance of spreading the virus in your host machine. In this article, you’ll get your answers and the precautions you need to take.

Can A Virtual Machine Get A Virus

Can A Virtual Machine Get A Virus – How Much Safe a Virtual Machine Is?

Virtual machine software let you run a different operating system on your computer. That means it allows you to run two operating systems at the same time.

As a virtual machine acts like a computer, it can be affected by a virus. The Internet is not a safe place, it is full of threats and risks. If the privacy protection of your virtual machine is vulnerable then your virtual machine will be affected by a virus for sure.

To keep your virtual machine safe,

  • Use virus protection software.
  • Surf the internet carefully.
  • Turn on browser protection.
  • While downloading something or entering a website, copy the link and check it with the help of a malware checker site. It will help you to keep your device more secure.

Can A Virus on A Virtual Machine Infect the Host?

If your virtual machine is infected by a virus, then there is little chance of spreading the virus on your host computer. Most of the time, it doesn’t happen. Virtual machine software developers are developing day by day. On the other hand, hackers are also developing them day by day.

You can’t ignore or you can’t avoid the very little chance of affecting by a virus. If your virtual machine is affected by a virus, then the virus can spread to your host device for the following reasons.

  • Virtual and host in the same network.
  • Sharing files.
  • Serial/CMO ports.
  • Virtualization feature of motherboard.

Precautions To Prevent Virus Spreading from Virtual Machine to Host Device

If your virtual machine is affected by a virus then there is a possibility of breakout the virus to the host device. Basically, viruses will roam around the virtual machine as a virtual machine is acted the same as a computer. But, day by day technology is upgrading. The same thing goes for hackers. You can’t say or can’t be sure enough that the virus won’t spread by itself.

Hackers are upgrading themselves as well as they are upgrading malware too. So, it’s better to be conscious and take proper precautions will be a wise decision.

Precautions you need to take to prevent the spreading of viruses from a virtual machine in your host device.

  1. If there is communication between the virtual machine and the host, then the virus can enter your host device. So, disable the communication between them.
  2. Disable COM interop.
  3. Disable networking. If you found you have a virus on your virtual machine, then don’t share the same internet connection. Otherwise, the virus will make the internet a spreading medium.
  4. Uninstall guest additions.
  5. Don’t share any hardware. File sharing is also prohibited.
  6. If your motherboard has virtualizing hardware, disable it when you are not using them.
  7. Don’t share peripherals with the virtual machine. (i.e., webcam, printers, etc.)
  8. Use malware protection virus for both virtual machine and host device.

Follow these precautions if your virtual machine is affected by a virus and keep your host device safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Virtual Machine Safe from viruses?

No, if you do not have enough security then your virtual machine can be affected by a virus. A virtual machine is just as susceptible to virus attacks as a computer. So, if you want to keep your virtual machine safe, provide proper security to it.

How can I keep safe my Virtual Machine?

To keep safe your virtual machine

  • Keep VM’s hypervisor safe. For that, you need to ensure hypervisor security.
  • Create a credible security domain.
  • Improve access control.


In conclusion, we can say that, if you are using a virtual machine then treat it the same as you treat your computer. If it is not provided the same security as like your computer then hackers will be there for you with some trojan horses.

The last tip for you, when you are using a virtual machine, always use a different OS there. For example, if your computer is running on windows 10 then use windows 7/8 on the virtual machine. It will also help you to keep secure your host device. Be careful, be safe! Gracias!

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