Is Steam Virus Free? Explained in Details

If you’re new to Steam then it’s pretty normal that you don’t know much about Steam and how the community works here. As you may know, Steam is a digital distribution platform where you can buy and install games, communicate with other players, and so on. Typically you won’t get any viruses from this platform as it has a strong track record of security and has protected its users from viruses or malicious programs from being distributed through it.

But unfortunately, there are a few ways that can possibly allow viruses to exist in Steam and break out whenever there’s a chance. Therefore, if you’re using or about to use Steam and worrying about any kind of virus interaction, just don’t.

Here, we’re going to explain why there are chances of virus infection on Steam when it says that it’s mostly virus-proof. So, you’re requested to take a few minutes and read the entire post.

Is Steam Virus Free

Can You Get a Virus from Steam? 

The answer is a bit complicated. Yes, you can possibly get a virus from Steam. But the chances are pretty rare until you click on a malicious link or encounter any malicious file on Steam. Let us make it more convenient for you.

Valve, the company that owns Steam, vets the games and handles the downloads before putting them for sale to make sure there’s no sign of malware and everything is fine. Therefore, gamers straightforwardly download Steam games from Steam servers without requiring any third-party sources, ensuring that Steam stays secure from viruses. 

But truth to tell, no one can guarantee that Valve is hundred percent successful at checking for viruses. Perhaps they do proper checking, just you can’t assure this unless you’re one of their employees. However, most Steam users claim that they haven’t encountered any virus-related issues till the present. So overall it can be assumed that you won’t get any viruses by simply downloading games from Steam. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Possible to Get a Virus from Steam? 

Thus far, it’s pretty clear that downloading a game from Steam won’t cause any virus to spread. So does it mean Steam is totally virus free? Actually no. Steam itself doesn’t offer or spread any malware. But as you already know, it allows users to chat and share files with each other, if someone sends a malicious file or link in the chat section, the other one(s) may not suspect it at first and open it unintentionally. At this point, a virus can be downloaded into your system. That’s the most possible way to get a virus from Steam. 

Can a Steam account have a virus?

Yes, it can have in a way. When your system is infected with malware, those that target Steam will most likely cause unwanted ads to appear on your Steam account. This way it can cause hijacking clicks within your Steam account by offering you third-party website advertisements. So, stay away from clicking suspicious and unnecessary ads.

Is Steam safe from hackers?

Entirely, no. If a hacker sends you a malicious link and you click it without knowing the circumstances, it’ll take you to a fake Steam login page after redirecting. And once you provide your login credentials, you’re done by the hackers. From that point, they’ll easily take control of your account.  


By now, it should be clear to you that Steam is a safe platform to download games. You don’t need to worry while purchasing and downloading games from Steam servers. As the only option to get any malware is opening dubious links or files, all you need to do is strictly avoid them unless you’re assured about their identity. That’s all about this matter and don’t forget to drop your feedback in the comment section. 

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