Can You Get a Virus From YouTube | Let’s Find Out

Nowadays YouTube is known as one of the most popular entertainment mediums. Each month nearly 40% of internet users visit YouTube and that’s a great number. With a huge audience and millions of videos, YouTube can be a great platform with a chance of spreading viruses as it is a non-encrypted site that is easier for hackers to spread viruses.

Can You Get a Virus From YouTube

Can you actually get viruses from YouTube videos by just watching and scrolling? The answer is no but YouTube can be a platform to get viruses into your device. Let’s interpret this context now.

How Can Virus Get Through Into Your Device by YouTube

Hackers do not use YouTube videos for spreading viruses but they use the description section as well as the comment section as a medium for spreading viruses. Whenever you get through those URLs then your device can be affected by the viruses. Besides that, hackers can also use YouTube ads as a medium too. Some ads will be popped up with an attractive interface but that can lead you to a malicious website that can affect your device. You have to be conscious while using YouTube if you want to keep yourself secure from malicious activities.

Step-by-Step Methods for Preventing Your Device from Getting Virus Through YouTube

The only way to keep yourself safe is you have to be sincere for yourself as well as for younger and elders. YouTube is a popular entertainment medium for people of all ages. Kids and aged people are not aware of these malicious activities nowadays. By following these steps you can make yourself and your surroundings secure from malicious activities.

Step 1: Be on Your Guard While Clicking URLs

Millions of videos roamed around on YouTube. But not each of them contains good things for you. You may search for cracked file download videos, free movies, game cheat codes, and many more. You will find out helpful videos but not all of them are useful for you. Some of them may show you URLs that can lead you to malicious websites and affect your device. So, think before you click and do some research before going through any URL. Check the legitimacy of the video creator and check their creation. Be sure and be safe.

Step 2: Beware of YouTube Ads

Besides links, YouTube ads may contain harmful URLs too. Hackers used ads too as a medium for spreading viruses on YouTube. These kinds of ads can lead you to a botnet which is known as software. If you somehow download it then hackers will get access to your device and will do their job quietly on the other hand you will not be able to detect them. So, you should keep yourself away from YouTube ads. If you need something at first do some research and then go for it.

Step 3: Be Careful with Kid’s Usage of YouTube

Kids are not bothered about anything and also they don’t have any knowledge about malware. They might go through any link and get a virus on the device. Before handling the device you can do the following things to keep them and your device safe.

  • Turn on YouTube restricted mode which will show only videos.
  • Use the YouTube Kids app. You can control what your kid will see furthermore you can turn off the search feature as well as the ‘recommended videos’ feature too.
  • YouTube Kids app only contains verified ads so there is no chance to get any suspicious things from that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you get a virus from watching a YouTube video?

The answer is no. By only watching and surfing on YouTube, there is no way to get a virus on devices. It’s safe from malware attacks otherwise something is done without watching and scrolling.

Can you be hacked through YouTube?

Basically, the answer is no but if something is done which helps the hacker who is waiting for a chance then it can be done. If someone goes through any suspicious link and does follow as the website says then there is a probability of being hacked. Hackers use “BotNet” software, if anyone by any chance downloads it then it will run by itself on their device. Then hackers can collect people’s information and control their devices.


YouTube is safe for you until you step into the trap which is set for you by the hackers. Sincerity is the main key for yourself, not only for YouTube but also for virtual life. You don’t know what is waiting for you on which platform. So, if you want to keep yourself secure you can follow the steps which are mentioned in the article, and if you have any questions feel free to comment below.

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