Does Reformatting Remove Malware?

As you know, there are several processes to remove malware from a computer device. Running a security scan by using a firewall or anti-malware tool is one of them. It is the most popular process to remove malicious codes from a device. Besides this, other methods can effectively remove malicious codes from an infected device. In this article, we will be discussing whether reformatting the device can remove malicious codes from an infected device or not. So, let’s start the discussion;

Does Reformatting Remove Malware

Does Reformatting Remove Malware?

Reformatting Windows can remove malware from a device effectively. It destroys all the stored data of the device, including the most complex malicious codes. As you know, most malicious codes or malware hide among the system configuration files of the OS. While scanning, the security tools scan all the system files as well as the registry and other files to search for the existence of malicious codes. But the problem is, that the third-party security or antivirus tools miss some files while running a security or antivirus scan. So, there is no guarantee whether your device is completely safe or not.

All the files from the device will be removed through the reformatting process. This process can remove and replace all the system files with the new ones. Moreover, it replaces the corrupt and faulty drivers of your device with the new ones, which can fix various issues with the device. Reformatting destroys the places where the malicious code may hide. So, it becomes impossible for the malicious codes to survive after reformatting the device. Which ensures the guarantee of device safety from threats that happened by malicious codes.

How to Reformat My Laptop or PC?

Reformatting your laptop or PC is not a hard nut to crack, you can format or reformat your device by following some steps. But remember to keep a backup of your important files, else you could lose them. These below-described steps will help you to format or reformat your laptop;

Step-1; Open Recovery on Windows Settings

Press the Windows key + I on the device keyboard to open the Windows Settings of your device. Afterward, navigate through Update and Security > Recovery to open the Recovery.

Step-2; Starting the Reformatting Process

From the Recovery, you need to click on the Get Started beneath the Reset this PC option. Thereafter, follow the on-screen prompts to start the reformatting process.

Step-3; On-screen Prompts

Select Remove Everything, then click on Change Settings and turn on the Clean data as well as the Download Windows toggle before pressing Confirm. Thereafter, press the Reset button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

[Make sure to plug in the power cables and back up all the important files before running the reformatting process. Else, it could get fussy]

Will Reformatting Make My Computer Faster?

Yes, reformatting can make your device faster. Because it replaces all the faulty and corrupted drivers with the updated ones. Also, reformatting replaces all the system files and removes all the third-party programs, which makes your device faster than before. Moreover, it may help you to sort out any issues with the operating system as well as the software issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Virus Infect the Original Windows Install DVD?

No, viruses or other malicious codes cannot infect the Windows Installing DVD. But, it is recommended to collect the DVD from a reliable source. Else, there is a risk of getting malicious codes.

Can I Get a Virus from Windows Store?

It is not possible to get a virus or malware from the Windows or Microsoft store. Because the applications of the store have to go through several safety tests before being available to the users. And all the application is certified by Microsoft.

Does Windows OS Need Antivirus?

Windows have a built-in firewall that can protect the device from threats. Still, it is better to use an advanced-leveled third-party security tool to ensure device safety.

Finishing Lines

At this point, you have known that reformatting your device can remove any malicious codes and sort out any software-related issues. Remember to back up the important files on cloud storage for avoiding data loss. That’s all for today, have a great day.

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