Why Does Malware or Malicious Code Exist?

Malware or malicious codes are a matter of panic for computer users around the world. Believe it or not, malware or malicious threats are the main reason behind boosting the business of security tools. But why the malware or malicious code is created by the malicious actors? Why does malware or malicious code exist? Keep reading this article to know the answer to these questions.

Why Does Malware or Malicious Code Exist

Why Does Malware or Malicious Code Exist?

You know the computer program is created through performing some computation process and the computer program can complete outstanding tasks on behalf of the device user. But there are some computer programs that complete the malicious tasks assigned by malicious actors and give away the device control to the intruders without any authorization of the legit user.

The overwhelming majority of malicious programs are created and designed to make illegal money. People like vandals, swindlers, blackmailers, hackers, and other criminals use malicious code to make illegal money. Malware can be used for spying or eavesdropping on a person or organization. Also, sometimes hacker or cybercriminals uses malicious codes to leak or steal private data from a person or organization’s computer system.

Why Do Hackers Create Malware and Viruses?

Hackers can create or design malware or malicious codes for different malicious purposes. But, it is definite that all of them are created to cause damage to the legit user. Here are some of the purposes for which the malware and virus are created;

1. Computer Vandalism

Causing damage to the computer device system is one of the main reasons for creating or designing malware and viruses. Even the purpose of damaging the system is unclear. Hackers or creators of the malicious codes inject the malicious program into a device system in order to cause permanent damage to the device system.

2. Petty Thefts

Trojans, keyloggers, and other malicious codes are specially designed for stealing information from a user or organization’s computer system. With the emergence of the internet, humankind stores most of their personal information on a computer or cloud storage. This is where malicious codes can be used to steal important information as well as login credentials to facilitate the hacker or malicious actors.

3. Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a crime that is carried out through computers or the internet. Illegal access to a computer device through a malicious code is a common crime nowadays. Malicious codes can be used to collect ransom, blackmailing, eavesdropping, data leaking, or spying. All of these deeds are criminal offenses.

4. Grey Market Business

Grey market businesses are activities that are beyond legality. This business generates revenues through a range of disturbing activities like;

  • Frequently disturbing advertisement.
  • Providing fake software utilities.
  • Redirecting the user’s data traffic to chargeable web resources.
  • Catchy and disturbing pop-ups.

How Do Hackers Get Caught?

The security expert catches the hacker by following procedures. Still, it is impossible to catch some hackers because of their mastery of this art. Here are the procedures that are used to detect or catch hackers;

  1. Revealing the real IP address (As you know, you can track anybody through a real IP address).
  2. Not using anonymity software (it is used to keep the hacker hidden from other users).
  3. Keeping the logs (It is possible to track the hacker through logs.
  4. Leaving a backdoor that leads back to the hackers or attackers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hackers See My Screen?

Though hackers cannot see what you are doing on your device, they have access to all the information and software components of an infected device. Even the hacker can notice every keystroke typed on the infected device.

Can a PC Be Hacked When It Is Turned Off?

It is not possible to hack a turned-off PC. But it is possible to hack a turned-off device when you let some automated wake-up features of the PC.

What Codes Do Hackers Use to Create Malware?

To create malware, hackers use different types of programming languages. Python, Java, PHP, C Programming, and Go are some of the programming languages that is mostly used to create malicious code.

Finishing Lines

You have already known enough about why malware exists and for which purpose the hacker uses malicious codes. I Hope, this article helped you to increase your knowledge of malicious codes. Most cybersecurity expert believes that a good anonymity program can keep the hackers hidden from others. That’s all for today, have a great day.

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