How to Be a Good Cyber Citizen? Need of the Day

In this world of information technology, there is an abundance of ways to stay connected and share information. Social media have become an integral part of our daily life. Cyber citizenship is the responsible enforcement of smart and safe cyber and social media habits. In this article, we will be discussing how to be a good cyber citizen. Keep reading to know about the practice of being a good cyber citizen.

How to Be a Good Cyber Citizen

Why Is It Important to Be a Good Cyber Citizen?

As you know, our daily life has become most reliable to the internet. And we are using it in most aspects of our daily life. For this reason, it is important to know about the internet and social media habit. Especially the social media habit, because we are now pretty much dependent on social media for fulfilling our personal and commercial needs.

When you recklessly use social media or the internet, there is a huge risk to damage your personal and private life as well as others. Here comes the importance of being a good cyber citizen. Otherwise, you may get harassed by others or others may get harassed by you. Also, you need to know how to react to other people on social media. Being a good cyber citizen allows you to avoid this harassment as well as how to act with other people through social media or the internet.

What Makes a Good Cyber Citizen?

As you know about the importance of being a good cyber citizen while using social media. But what will make you a good cyber citizen? Well, it is not a hard nut to crack to become a good cyber citizen; you just need to follow some safety and behavioral procedures. Some good behavior, privacy measurement, and smart reaction to other people can make you a good cyber citizen on social media as well as on the internet.

How to Be a Good Cyber Citizen?

As mentioned before, you can be a good cyber citizen by following some measures. You can be a good cyber citizen by following these below measures;

1. Think Before Sharing Content

It is become easy to share things on social media, and you can share things behind a screen that you may not be comfortable expressing in real life. It is better to consider the perspective of the shared content on social media to build a strong, well-balanced presence on social media. Avoid sharing too many things at a time on social media. The experts suggest not sharing personal and private information on social media.

2. Privacy Protection

Nowadays, privacy is the main concern among social media users. Always stay on top of the privacy settings to ensure your cyber privacy. Limit what other social media users can see while checking your social media accounts.

3. Password Protection

Protecting the passwords and frequent changes or updating makes it harder for cybercriminals to find your information. Creating a unique login for every platform and using multifactor authentication will make it harder to have access to your social media accounts.

4. Checking the Sources

Fact-checking the information source is an integral step before sharing the information with others. You will find too much misleading information, and for this reason, it is better to check the credibility of the source.

5. Avoid Illegal Activities and Bad Gestures

Today’s social media is full of illegal activities and bad gestures. Reporting these types of activities will prevent crimes like cyberbullying through social media. If you notice anything illegal on social media; report it immediately to the authority as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Cyber Citizenship Skills?

There are five competencies of cyber citizenship skills. Inclusive, informed, engaged, balanced, and alert are the cyber citizenship skills. Improving these skills will help the social media user to be a good cyber citizen.

What Is the Most Important Element of Cyber Citizenship?

Most important and the key element of cyber citizenship is treating others with respect and empathy. Rules, policies, and laws are some other elements of cyber citizenship.

Should Cyber Citizenship Be Taught at Home?

Yes, it will be better practice to teach cyber citizenship at home. It will help social media users to be good cyber citizens in the future.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you have known enough about how to become a good cyber citizen. Remember to use a strong and unique password on your social media accounts to protect them from hackers or cyber attackers. That’s all for today, have a great day.

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