[ANSWERED] Is MTK Logger Spyware?

With the advancement of technology day by day, concerns about cyber security threats are haunting users more than ever, with spyware being particularly prominent. No one wants to get spyware in their system and let it leak their personal or sensitive information. And from this aspect, users are worrying whether the MTK logger is spyware as it takes lots of storage on their Android devices.

The fact is MTK logger isn’t technically spyware. Rather it’s a pre-installed system app on numerous Android devices that have MediaTek chipsets. In this post, you’ll get to know more about this app so that the whole matter becomes clear to you. Therefore, take some time and read the entire post.

Is MTK Logger Spyware

Is MTK Logger Safe or Spyware?

As we said before, MTK logger is a system app designed to log system events and errors so that the developers can use them for debugging purposes. Although it isn’t a mandatory app and you can disable it anytime, it’s suggested to keep it operable for the betterment of your device (improving the chipset). 

It takes up a large amount of storage because it creates log files that accumulate over time and require those space, and until you remove them, their storage space consumption won’t reduce but obviously increase. If you’re running low on storage space, consider deleting some of the files to free up some space.

So, it’s clear that it isn’t spyware. But is it safe? Well, not completely. Even not spyware, it can be used for malicious purposes. As it’s used for tracking phone crashes and bugs using the logged information about your device including your call logs, text messages, and location data; if a malicious actor gets this information, he/she can misuse it to harm you, for example, by tracking your activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What apps can possibly infect your phone with a virus?

There are numerous Android apps that are possibly capable of spreading a virus on your phone. The fact is claimed by many users and experts. Therefore, you should avoid these apps to ensure proper protection from malware. Some notable malicious apps are – SuperVPN, Super Clean, CLEANit, Dolphin Browser, UC Browser, Fildo Music, etc.

Can someone use the MTK logger to spy on me?

Actually, no one can use the MTK logger to spy on you straightforwardly. But if one can get access to the MTK log files, he/she can get your activity information from them and use them against you. So, it’s better to use screen lock protection on your phone.


Lastly, it can be said that MTK Logger isn’t inherently malicious. It’s only a program that can be used for both good and evil. Now, if you’re concerned about your privacy, you can surely disable or force uninstall this app. Or you can use a privacy-focused Android ROM including GrapheneOS or LineageOS. These ROMs contain additional privacy features to ensure proper data protection. But if you decide to keep it, MTK Logger can be helpful in diagnosing the issues when you are having problems with your phone. Let us know if you get this post helpful with your feedback.

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