Does Wizard101 Have a Virus? Is It Safe?

Wizard 101 is one of the most popular games in the world of gaming. Around 2.9 million players around the world do play this game. Wizard 101 is most popular among the kids. As Wizard 101 is a game for kids, there can arise a question in your mind. Is this game safe for kids? Does Wizard 101 game contain a virus?

This question can come across your mind and it’s natural. Because, in this modern era, hackers are setting traps everywhere they can. The game also can be a platform for spreading viruses and kids are not aware of it.

But there is nothing to worry about, there is no virus in Wizard 101 game but still, there is a strong possibility to be affected by a virus while playing this game. To know, be with us till the end and secure your computer from unwanted problems.

Does Wizard101 Have a Virus – When May be Affected?

Your computer will not have a virus by Wizard 101 game till you are downloading it from its official website. The maker of Wizard 101, KI, has provided enough internet security to save this game and the gamers from any malware attack. As it is a free game, it is suggested to download it from the official site and be safe.

But there is a chance of getting a virus through the Wizard 101 game. There are several websites where you can find Wizard 101 games. Suppose, you are watching random videos of the wizard 101 game on YouTube. All of a sudden, you saw something interesting, the video is showing extra benefits in the game and provides a link in the description box. You go through that link; download the game and you get affected by a virus.

Not only YouTube, but hackers also provide ads on websites with lucrative deals which leads a Wizard 101 gamer to navigate into that link. Once you click on the link, you invite viruses into your computer by yourself.

How to Prevent Virus from Wizard 101?

Adult persons are aware of these malware things but kids are not. They watch videos, and surf websites to find different things about the game. To prevent getting a virus and keep yourself safe do follow the things below.

  • Concern kids surrounding you to avoid downloading Wizard 101 from pirated websites.
  • Any link regarding Wizard 101 cannot be clicked.
  • Turn on Malware Browser Protection.
  • Install Antivirus on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pirate101 contain viruses?

The answer is no. but there is say, if you download the game from unprotected or suspicious websites then your PC can get a virus. So, download the game from the official website and be safe.

Is Wizard101 safe for kids?

Yes, it is totally safe for the kids. As a role-playing game, Wizard 101 is getting more attention from the kids. There is no harmful content in the wizard 101 games. Kids can enjoy the game without any problem.


As a role-playing game, Wizard 101 game has earned great attraction from kids. And it becomes a matter of concern. In this modern era, the internet is a blessing and at the same time, a curse. Hackers are setting traps to make you step on them and they get the opportunity to get into your device.

Wizard 101 is popular among the kids and they are downloading it to enjoy. Make sure, you or the kids surrounding you download the game only from the official websites. Don’t go for any Pirated websites and keep yourself and your surroundings safe.

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