Can A Txt File Be a Virus? How Do I Know?

Suppose, you use notepad for working purposes or download txt files for your need. You are doing it on a daily basis. One day a question arises in your mind, does Txt or True Plain Text file contain a virus? The answer is no but there is a say. You can be affected through a txt file.

In today’s context, anything about virtual life becomes suspicious. In the real world, we have snatchers and in the virtual world, they are known as hackers. They set virus traps in every possible thing which can lead them to steal people’s personal information.

Virus Wont Let Me Download Antivirus

Can A Txt File Be a Virus In Windows and MAC OS?

Here is a discussion to clear up your confusion about whether text files can be viruses or contain viruses. Be with us till the end, and let us assist you to clear your confusion.

Does a TXT File Contain Virus In Windows?

A .txt file only contains plain text. It can contain a virus code in form of plain text but there is no such feature by which the virus code can be executed. But malware files can be covered up to like as same .txt file. In simple terms, using double file extensions is possible for files. It can use .txt.exe which can create a delusion because .exe is a known file that is hidden by Windows by default.

And .exe file can execute a virus on your computer. So, beware when you download or open any file. Look closely to check whether it is a genuine txt file or something else.

Spreading Virus Through F.txt File

There you can see another virus which is known as F.txt. This thing is spreading on the internet by browser hijackers. Browser hijackers force your browser to download the F.txt file. It doesn’t matter how many times you decline or cancel them; it will continue to push you for download.

But the matter of relief is, it doesn’t do any harm to your device. Browser hackers use it to provide ads everywhere while you using the internet. But the matter of concern is, it can take you to malicious websites which can affect your computer with viruses.

Malware Can Be Hidden Behind ..txt Files

Txt or ..txt is a Xorist ransomware malicious software. This type of malware can easily trick you as they look so similar. And they program the file as same as a .txt file. The files name as important..txt, workingcheat..txt, etc.

So, before going through any text files, do check with the properties and make sure that it is the actual text file. You have to be sincere when you open files, otherwise, these inoffensive-looking files will spread viruses.

Does a TXT File Contain Virus In MAC?

CVE-2019-8761 is an interesting bug of macOS, that created an opportunity for hackers to spread malware in MAC. A researcher named Paulos Yibelo had found this thing. TextEdit which is the notepad in MAC has more features than Microsoft notepad. It allows its user to customize things in the notepad and TextEdit can handle the things which are written in the text file.

Due to this “CVE-2019-8761” bug, Gatekeeper (which is known as the antivirus of MAC) doesn’t prevent the opening of local files from a txt extension. That txt file obtained HTML and TextEdit run it by itself. After that, the hackers got the user’s real IP address.

So, it is suggested that to check your device thoroughly and open files sincerely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to open a txt file email?

No, it is not safe. If you are getting an actual txt file then you can open it. For this, check the file properties first. If you find it safe then open it, otherwise it’s a no.

What is malware TXT?

TXT is malware software. This software belongs to the Xorist ransomware family. Hackers use it to encrypt users’ data and ask for money for decryption tools. This kind of file came with ..txt which is so similar to .txt and hackers can make users fool very easily by using TXT.


In this modern era, virtual life become a blessing as well as a curse. You have to be more conscious of the virtual world. Don’t navigate to pirated websites. If you need to download anything, be sure of the browser you are using. Make sure, the site is safe for you.

Become conscious to open any file. Do check, active antivirus on your PC, and have a safe virtual technological life. Gracias!

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