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There are different programs and components in windows that we don’t understand. Sometimes there are even things we don’t need that much, but it is included in your windows package. 

Deleting any windows program is fatal, that is why it is best to leave the C drive alone. The best thing you can do is learn about certain program types and their work. 

Microsoft Malware Protection Signature Update Stub

One such program is the Microsoft Malware Protection Signature Update Stub. There is a dedicated windows update program, then why is this a thing? 

Well, let’s talk about that today. 

What Does Mpsigstub.exe or Microsoft Malware Protection Signature Update Stub Do? 

If you ever download Chrome or other bigger-size apps, you will notice it downloads a very small file. When it is run, it downloads the full program and installs it. 

This small program is called a Stub. It is an execution that allows you to get a bigger size app remotely without compromising precious space. 

Mpsigstub.exe or Microsoft Malware Protection Signature Update Stub is connected directly to the cloud server of Microsoft. Whenever there is an update, it downloads it. The rest of the downloads are generated through different Stubs too. 

This makes Microsoft servers aware of a different dangerous program that might be in your computer and provide you updates accordingly. It is a convenient solution to manual updates and scans. 

And best of all, it installs, deletes old files, and keeps the Malware protection system and Windows Defender up and working all the time. 

Should I Block Mpsigstub.exe? 

You might think of blocking the mpsigstub.exe as it might use your precious metered connection. But it is highly recommended that you don’t. 

As it doesn’t need much data to download updates and is also not so frequent, you can leave it to do its work. 

In return, you will get the best security for your system, all the time. 

What Happens if You Block Microsoft Malware Protection Signature Update Stub or Mpsigstub.exe? 

If you block the Microsoft Malware Protection Signature Update Stub, it won’t do you any instant harm. 

But in the long run, it won’t update the security license and protection. Which will be harmful to your pc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I update Microsoft malware protection signature update stub?

Microsoft malware protection signature update stub updates itself. It is a program that is responsible to execute and update by itself by connecting to the Microsoft cloud server on its own. You can schedule updates or turn them on rather than turn them off. And it will do the rest itself. 

Should I delete MPSigStub.exe?

No. MPSigstub.exe creates itself and deletes after every update. So it is totally unnecessary to delete the file. 

How do I manually update Microsoft Malware Protection Engine?

To update your Microsoft Malware Protection Engine manually, type in Security in your windows search bar. Then click on Windows Security Program. Select Virus and Threat Protection from the navigation pan on the right. Here, scroll down to Check for updates from the main window. And click on it to check for its latest update. If there is any update, it will install automatically. 

How do I get rid of MPSigStub.exe?

As MPSigStub.exe creates itself while downloading updates and deletes itself after the update is done, there is no reason to delete it manually. But if you are keen on deleting it, you can simply go to the location of the .exe file and delete it.


Microsoft Malware Protection Signature Update Stub is one of the things that make your life easy. Instead of downloading and installing updates on a regular basis, the Stub does it for you. And after the installation, it deletes itself. So there is no worry about taking up space in your storage. Blocking it will not only harm your computer but also make it vulnerable to malware and viruses. 

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