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With every development in the social field, there have been some drawbacks. It is like some people are meant to not only look out of the box but want to be the flaw in the system.

Such thing was even in the era of letter writing. You had physical people follow you around that time as stalkers. Today, the story is a lot different.

While you couldn’t physically be with a person back then, couldn’t know much about them and their routine if they changed it. 

What to Do if Someone Is Cyber Stalking You

But as everyone has a footprint on the internet, a smartphone with GPS, a microphone, and cameras, anyone can track and stalk anyone at any time they want. 

This is called cyberstalking. It is very much unpleasant and has a psychological impact on the victim. As no one is safe on the internet, here is what to do if someone is cyber stalking you. 

Step by Step Instruction on What to Do if Someone Is Cyber Stalking You?

If someone follows you around in the open, especially an unknown person, it is very much frightful and annoying. The same thing happens if someone stalks you on the internet. 

Cyberstalking is a bit more personal sometimes as the stalker is much more intelligent and takes the stalking up another level.

They can access your phone, microphone, camera, home security system, and even baby monitors. Experiencing this horror is unimaginable.

But you can do a few things that will help you with cyberstalking. 

What to Do if You Are Being Cyber Stalked?

Inform Family Members, Friends, and Acquaintances

The first thing to do when you are being cyberstalked is to inform your close people. Family members and friends should be made aware of the situation. This is not only for help, but also to let people know you are in trouble. Also, if you live outside your home, make your acquaintances aware of your situation. Your roommates can also fall, victim to the stalker, as they also have a phone. Even if you chose not to use yours, the stalker might use their phone to communicate with you. 

File a Public Complaint Against the Stalker

Most stalkers don’t possess a threat. They are just mere people who like you. But if that liking takes a wrong turn, it can be bad. Even life-threatening. So whenever you feel that you are being stalked online, make sure to contact the authorities. A complaint in the nearby police station would be enough. 

Save Proof of Stalking 

While filing a complaint against the stalker, you will need to produce proof against the person. So make sure you have photo evidence like screenshots of the conversation, the person’s photograph, email address, number, and home address. Any of these will be enough to file a complaint if there is a conversation indicating that the person is a stalker. 

Stop Interacting With the Stalker

The reason a cyber stalker stalks a person can be defined in many ways. Liking, to cause harm, emotional feelings, or even simple interaction can be the case. The main reason they stalk though is that the stalker knows that you do not like to interact with them. Which is hard for them to accept. Some even like the fact that you feel stressed out or afraid of them. While you try to fend them off, the conversation keeps on going. The best thing to do is not to talk or interact with them at all. This helps most of the time as they get bored and look elsewhere. 

Change Your Contact Information

Some cyberstalkers go above and beyond with their actions. Although this is a bit absurd, you can change your phone number, email and social account, and even your wifi provider. As some of them are highly intelligent people, this will make them feel blocked out of your life. They have to work from the beginning to get to you. 

Turn off Any Means to Find You on the Internet

One of the best things to do is to set your privacy settings to the people you know and who are on your list. Even phone calls can be set to receive only the numbers saved on your phone. So if you are being stalked, turn these features on and you are good to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you report someone for cyberstalking?

Yes. If someone is cyberstalking you, you can report them both online and offline. On the internet, you can complain to Internet Crime Complaint Center and forward your report to your local authorities. If not, you can always dial 911 for any emergency. Make sure to have proof against the person like screenshots and photos. 

What should you do if you are a victim of cyberstalking?

If you are a victim of cyberstalking you should either complain to your local authorities or even take help from the Internet Crime Complaint Center. At the same time make people around you like family, friends, close coworkers, and classmates aware of the fact. 

How can I prove cyberstalking?

You can prove to cyberstalk by taking screenshots of the stalker’s conversation, and access to your account’s personal info and details. Otherwise, you can get professional help from your internet provider to get which IP addresses had visited your IP in the last week or 24 hours. This one is a long shot but still works. 

How do you get charged with cyberstalking?

There are different levels of cyberstalking and cyberbullying that have different charges and punishments. For a first-degree misdemeanor, it is a 1-year jail sentence. But if the allegations are serious enough and get the 3rd degree of felony, it can go up to 5 years in jail. You can review this on your state’s law enforcement sites for more info. 


Cyberstalking or cyberbullying is a criminal offense. If anyone is caught, then they will be punished according to their offense and crime. For the person who is being stalked, make sure you are aware of everyone around you and not keep it to yourself. This not only takes down the burden from your mind but also helps you face it with courage. If you don’t report or make people aware, something bad might come afterward that is irreversible. 

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