Cyber Security Vs Network Security | The Differences

By changing how we do things, the internet and computer device has revolutionized everything. With every revolution, there come some threats to Newton’s third law. Internet and computer device system is not an exception to that. Various types of threats have emerged by the attackers and criminals to cause damage to your device and network system.  Thanks to the security experts; have invented security techniques to protect a device system against all types of threats. Cyber security and network security are two techniques. Keep reading this article to know more about cyber security and network security and the differences between them.   

Cyber Security Vs Network Security

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a common term that discusses the security of cyberspace. This term is a subset of information security that ensures the protection of network integrity, devices, and programs from malicious attacks, physical or non-physical damage, and unauthorized access to the system. Cyber security is a combination of some security techniques, technologies, and processes that are designed to protect the device and network system against any type of cyber-attacks. Implementing security measures, and control places can protect the integrity of networks from unauthorized access. The cyber security experts monitor all the incoming and outgoing traffic to reduce the risks of cyber-attacks and cyber threats.

What Is Network Security?

Network security deals with planning and implementing network security measures to protect the integrity of networks and programs against most of the most sophisticated hacking and unauthorized access. It ensures the protection of IT infrastructure and network-accessible resources from all types of cyber-threats (e.g. viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, etc.). Network security also includes passwords and login credentials, firewalls, internet access, backup, encryption, and other things. The network security experts make your network system more secure by providing their technical expertise on intrusion detection systems, encryption, firewalls, and digital certification of the programs.

Is Network Security the Same as Cyber Security?

Network security is not the same as cyber security. Network security is a small term that offers limited protection measurement and safeguards the network system and transmitted data through the network system. Whilst, whereas cyber security is a broad term that ensures the protection of all the digital data of a network or device system of an enterprise against most sophisticated cyber-attacks. So, as you have got now network security and cyber security are not the same thing. Though, network security is a part of cyber security.

What Is the Difference between Network Security and Cyber Security?

There are some basic differences between network security and cyber security. As mentioned before, cyber security is a broader concept while network security is a small term. Basic differences between network security and cyber security are shown in the below table;

Network SecurityCyber Security
Network security is a subset of cyber security.Cyber security is a subset of information security.
It is the act of protecting files and directories in a network of computers against misuse, hacking, and unauthorized access.It is the practice of protecting internet-connected systems and networks from digital attacks.
It is all about protecting an organization’s IT infrastructure device and network system from all kinds of online threats.It protects all the digital infrastructure of an organization from all kinds of digital attacks from the cyber realm.
Password and login credentials, access to the internet, backup, firewalls, and encryption is related to network security.Network and application protection, update information is related to cyber security.
Network security experts work to protect the IT infrastructure of an organization.Cyber security experts work to protect, detect, and recover the device and network system of an organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Worth to Hire a Security Expert for a Small Organization?

It is always necessary to hire a security expert for your organization even if you are owning a small organization. A cyber security expert can provide protection of the IT infrastructure against any type of cyber threat.

Which Is Better IT Security or Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a subset of IT security. As you know, Information technology or IT uses computer networks, hardware, and share and store digital information. In this case, IT security is a broader concept compared to cyber security.

Why Is Network Security Important?

Network security keeps your sensitive data safe from cyber-attacks and ensures the trustworthiness of the network. It involves a wide variety of security tools for both hardware and software. For these reasons, network security is important for your organization.


At this point, you have known enough about the differences between network security and cyber security. Network security is a subset of cyber security and ensures the integrity of data transformations. That’s all for today, have a great day.

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