[Explained] Does Ring of Elysium Have Malware?

Developed by Aurora Studio and Published by Tencent Gaming, the Ring of Elysium is a battle royale shooting game. According to SteamCharts.com, it is one of the top 10 most played games around the world. Despite this popularity, some user has claimed that the game contains malicious codes and Keylogger. Does the game really contain malware? Or, it’s just a false claim. We’ll find out the answer to that question throughout this article. So, let’s start.

Does Ring of Elysium Have Malware

Is Ring of Elysium Malicious?

In recent days, some player has stated their concern over the privacy of the Ring of Elysium game. The program of the game requires administrator access to run properly. For this reason, some user has reported the game as malware or malicious for a computer device. Moreover, some user has gone so far as to claim that the game file contains Keylogger. As you know, the Keylogger is used by hackers or cybercriminals to collect keystroke information from a device.

Whatever, Tencent gaming, the publisher of the Ring Elysium Game have denied these claim and stated that the game is completely safe. On the Steam forum, some players defended the game and claimed that the game is safe to play on any device with a playable configuration.

Is Ring of Elysium Safe 2022?

As said before, the game is completely safe to play. The malicious claim was falsely claimed by some users. As per hybrid-analysis.com, the game doesn’t have any malicious activities, and it is completely safe to use. Hybrid-analysis.com is a domain that tests the programs or applications whether they are safe or not.

After that false claim, Tencent Gaming has updated its privacy policies and continued assurances of responsible data use. Still, there are a bunch of negative reviews over the data collection process of the game. In recent days, Tencent Gaming has started to use the TenProtect security system on their games, including the Ring of Elysium. The TenProtect security system ensures the data privacy and security of the user. So, the Ring of Elysium is safe to play in 2022, despite these negative reviews.

Do Games Have Malware?

Cybercriminals and hackers can use games to distribute different types of malicious codes and scripts. Also, in some cases, the game itself is just a lure to distribute the malicious code or script on the device. Especially, the pirated and unsafely distributed game that contains malicious codes behind the game files and patches.

The legitimate copies of the game are always safe to use. So, it is always better to download and install the game from the official site of the game. Never buy a game from any third party, and always make sure that the game copy is not pirated.

Can Steam Games Contain Malware?

Steam extensively checks for viruses on a file or program uploaded by any developer. Through this scanning process, Steam flags the remotely suspicious uploads and works with the developer before pushing the content to the end user. This scanning process makes Steam incredibly safe to download and play games. As you know, Steam distributes a lot of games, DLC, and content for users without any issues. And for this reason, Steam cannot help being the safest place to download and play games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It True That the Hybrid Test Detected Ring of Elysium as Malware?

No, as per an announcement by the Ring of Elysium Facebook page, the game does not use any component that is related to PDF. Also, hybrid-analysis.com has shown Ring of Elysium as a safe software to run.  

Is Ring of Elysium a Keylogger?

The TenProtect (‘TP’ in short) security system of the Ring of Elysium game does not collect any type of user’s keystroke information from the device. Though, some user has falsely claimed the game as a Keylogger.

Why Does Ring of Elysium Require Users to Authorize Admin Rights?

As you know, most game cheats hide in the game by using various methods.  To detect the cheats, the TP security system of Ring of Elysium invokes some regular system APIs that require admin access for proper functioning. And this is the reason the game requires users to authorize admin rights.

Before Finishing Up

At this point, you have got the answer to whether the Ring of Elysium is malicious or not. Remember to perform a complete scan of your device at least once a week for keeping the device safe and away from malicious threats. That’s all for today, happy gaming. 

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