Can Imgur Links Have Viruses? [ANSWERED]

As an online image hosting and sharing service, millions of users worldwide are connected to it like communities to maintain a virtual social connection. They share images and do chatting.

Now back to the question, can Imgur links have viruses? The answer is a little bit complicated but still, YES! Here’re two possibilities about Imgur links. Either the links are represented as Imgur links or there’re links on Imgur that are perhaps link viruses.

In this post, we’ll cover all the relevant information regarding Imgur links and their possibility of having viruses. So, without any more delay, read the whole post till the end. 

Can Imgur Links Have Viruses

Can Imgur Links Have Viruses Certainly?

As we’ve mentioned, Imgur links can be viruses themselves or dubious links available on Imgur. Regardless of their types, both are to blame for spreading malware. We’ll explain the answer from both perspectives one by one. 

1. Malicious Links Provided on Imgur 

First and foremost, you’ve to understand that any platform can deliver viruses if it doesn’t have proper security measures and Imgur is no exception. 

Many users claim that they found some malicious material on Imgur, such as – media content, advertisements, redirects/links, etc. If anyone wants, he/she can intentionally provide a link attached to an image or sent in a conversation that suspiciously contains viruses.

People who don’t have any idea about these links often get into grave danger by clicking them. At first glance, the links seem to link to a trusted website and that’s what makes them reliable to visit. 

Basically, these link viruses are generated by hackers and used for phishing in order to get access to your computer system and steal personal or professional data.

2. Malicious Links Addressed to Imgur

In this case, the links are shown as Imgur links. That also means the link is addressed to the Imgur website. This is a very tricky step taken by hackers. They create malicious links pointing to trustworthy websites so that unwary users misunderstand them as harmless links and click them. Here, the website is Imgur. 

Therefore, a link that represents Imgur which is actually infected with viruses ultimately expresses the fact that the Imgur link has viruses.

So, we can say, Imgur links can have viruses in these ways.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I know if a link contains viruses?

There are two pretty easy ways to check that. The first one is related to URLs. When the URL starts with https instead of http, you can consider it secured. The other one is to check the lock icon near the URL. Both the first and the other ways indicate the connection is SSL certified and encrypted respectively. 

Can I trust Imgur?

Yes, you can. It’s Reddit’s official and free image-sharing and hosting platform. It has enormous members worldwide who depend on it for sharing their daily life events through images. If the site isn’t secured then it may not have such a huge member base. Just keep in mind that while using this platform avoid clicking any suspicious ad or link or content you’re not sure of.

Is it safe to click Imgur links?

No matter which websites are represented with the links, even though they seem popular or trustworthy, it’s wise to check the links with an effective URL checker or website safety checker. As hackers often used to create link viruses named as relevant to Imgur, don’t click them without any safety checking.


In short, despite the types, Imgur links can have viruses in the aforementioned ways. And that’s why you shouldn’t click on any link before checking, especially if that seems doubtful. Let us know if you find this post useful.

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