How to Remove Ghost Push Virus (Easy Guide)

The Ghost Push virus is specifically developed to infect Android OS tablets and smartphones. Once the malicious payload has been run, Ghost Push acquires root access to the device, downloads, and installs malicious programs, and drains the battery of the phone. 

Ghost Push can completely root and control smartphones and tablets while navigating Google Play Store and other market security measures. Due to this, it is practically difficult to get rid of.

How to Remove Ghost Push Virus

3 Steps to Remove Ghost Push Virus

The Ghost Push infection aims to download and set up other harmful programs from untrusted sites. More than 658 malicious applications have been created, all of which seem to have been done by hackers.

The worst thing is that removing the Ghost Push virus is extremely challenging because the malware loses root access after infecting the device. Meaning that even a factory rest won’t make the problem go away. The machine’s firmware would need to be reflashed in order to function.

Using comprehensive anti-malware software is highly recommended by experts. Reimage or SpyHunter 5 are recommended for removing malware-installed garbage and repairing virus-caused damage.

Step 1: Rooting the device

Owners of Android-based devices can acquire complete access to settings and functionality that are often inaccessible to end users and only available to manufacturers and developers by “rooting” their devices.

Step 2: Installation of Antivirus

The application Stubborn Trojan Killer or Kill Ghost Push, which can get rid of Ghost Push and other difficult-to-get-rid-of viruses, will then need to be installed.

Step 3: Scanning

After the app is launched and Super User permission is granted if prompted, scanning should begin. The virus that is causing the problem will be removed, and the device will be cleaned once more if it finds one of the many dangerous Trojans.

How to Avoid Ghost Push Virus

There is a risk if Android apps are installed by third parties by downloading.apk files or acquiring them from other devices because some of these files include malware. 

Once on a device, these viruses embed themselves there and are impossible to remove using standard virus removal software. Even resting the device won’t work because they just keep reproducing. They have the ability to put adverts on devices without the user’s consent and potentially download further viruses.

Malware, according to some, can initiate connections to WiFi automatically or completely block them. In conclusion, the Ghost Push virus is here to stay and will continue to bring destruction. So, it’s a must to make an effort to avoid this kind of virus.

1. Software Update

The security of remote devices like phones and tablets should also be a concern for users. The days of merely being able to make calls, send texts, and play Snake on mobile phones are long gone. Modern tablets and phones are smart devices that ought to be handled much like any PC.

Software updates and security software should therefore not be disregarded because they can aid in securing devices against Android malware.

2. Avoid Third-Party Websites

Insecure third-party websites are the main source for Android virus installation. There is no need to look further, unless it is on other trustworthy websites like Amazon, as legitimate stores like Google Play have over 3.3 million apps to select from. Users are strongly urged to avoid visiting third-party stores.

Furthermore, it is never a good idea to click on pop-up adverts on dubious websites. Redirects can send consumers to scam websites where they might unintentionally download malware thanks to fraudsters’ use of social engineering.

How Do I Get Rid of a Ghost Push Virus on My Phone Without Resetting It?

In fact, a factory data reset will remove all infections from an Android device. But there is an easier method. Find the offending app and remove it along with any associated app data.

Also being removed is all malware. A factory data reset is the only surefire fix if there are numerous malicious apps loaded or if it is otherwise unclear which app is harmful.


As has already been mentioned, Ghost Push virus cleanup becomes nearly impossible after the infection has gained root access to the device. However, one can try their luck by booting up in Safe mode, attempting to restore admin access, and running a reliable antivirus program on the device.

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