How to Remove Windows Process Manager 32-Bit Virus? 2 Methods to Get Rid Off

As you may already know, the actual Windows Process Manager is a legitimate system utility designed to manage applications and processes running on Windows. That means you can start, stop, and monitor any processes using it. But the Windows Process Manager (32-Bit) is something else.

It’s actually a Trojan horse virus impersonating a legitimate Windows process. You can most likely get this while downloading cracked games or pirated software. This is considered a pretty persistent virus hard to remove. 

But as you’re here, there’s nothing to worry about anymore. We’re about to share the removal method of this Windows Process Manager (32-Bit). All you need to do is stick to the post till the end. 

How to Remove Windows Process Manager 32 Bit Virus

How Do You Remove Windows Process Manager (32-Bit) Virus?

It’s true that many users have complained that this Windows Process Manager (32-Bit) process uses an enormous amount of RAM and is nearly impossible to remove. But the thing is not everyone knows that there are a number of other powerful antimalware programs that can successfully remove this unwanted process or virus from your system.

Windows Process Manager (32-Bit) process

There are two standard methods to get rid of this virus. One is to use some renowned antimalware programs or removal tools to check if the virus gets removed, and the other one is to Farbar Recovery Scan Tool to create troubleshooting logs for your system. So, without delaying any longer, give them a try.

Solution 1: Make Use of a Powerful Antimalware or Malware Removal 

First of all, try the latest versions of a reliable and renowned antimalware program (such as Avast, Malwarebytes, Gridinsoft, etc) to perform a full scan so that the existing malware can get detected in order to get removed. So –

Step 1: Download and install the antimalware program’s latest version.

Step 2: Next, perform a full scan.

Step 3: Make sure the malware gets removed. 

NOTE: Try to do this while using safe mode for better results.

If the antimalware program unfortunately fails to remove the virus, you can go for any of some dedicated malware removal tools, especially those developed to remove persistent malware like Windows Process Manager (32-Bit). Those are –

  • Trojan Killer Portable
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit
  • Emsisoft Emergency Kit
  • Rkill
  • HitmanPro, etc.

You can easily use them as their user interfaces are quite friendly. When you’re pretty sure that the virus is gone, don’t forget to restart your computer. 

Solution 2: Go for External Support

If the antimalware programs or malware removal tools can’t remove the virus for you, you don’t have any better option than requiring external support. And in this case, you’ll need technical troubleshooting logs. You can get them by using the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. Follow the below-mentioned steps accordingly to get things done –

Step 1: First of all, download and save the tool on your local drive. Don’t forget to choose the system-compatible version. 

Step 2: Then run the tool and click the Scan option. Doing so will create a technical log named FRST.txt in the same drive or folder where the tool is stored. It’s better to get the Addition.txt and you can get it by marking it under the Optional Scan section before starting the scan.

Optional Scan section before starting the scan

Step 3: Finally, provide these files to the support team so that they can identify and resolve the issue for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How do I remove the Win32 virus from Windows 10? 

The Win32 virus is also known as Virus. You can easily remove it by utilizing the rmvirut malware removal kit. You just have to download its executable file and run it. It’ll automatically find and detect existing viruses and ask for a restart. When you restart your computer, it’ll remove the viruses and repair the infected file at startup. Finally, perform a full scan with a powerful antimalware program to make sure the viruses are gone. 

How do I remove Trojan Win32? 

The procedure is pretty simple. First of all, download an effective malware removal kit. Then uninstall malicious programs and reset your browser(s) settings. Finally, run and use the removal kit to detect and remove the Trojan Win32 virus. 


That’s all about removing the Windows Process Manager (32-Bit) process virus from your Windows. Any of the solutions will definitely help you in this case. Even though the solutions are pretty convenient, if you have any confusion then feel free to knock us in the comment section.  If you also have any more queries, don’t forget to mention that too.

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