How to Remove iexplore.exe Virus (Easy Methods to Eliminate)

The Microsoft “Internet explorer” web browser’s executable file is iexplore.exe. Although it is neither a virus nor a trojan, certain spyware or malware may attempt to mimic your files, so be careful to verify that. Please try terminating every instance of iexplore.exe using the task manager.

Look through all of the processes that are currently executing in the Windows Task Manager while holding down “ctrl,” “alt,” and “delete.” If iexplore.exe is present, pick it and choose “Remove.”

How to Remove iexplore.exe Virus

What Is iexplore Exe Application Error?

Microsoft Internet Explorer users occasionally experience “IEXPLORE. EXE Application Error,” which renders the browser window useless and crashes it. This is frequently caused by a number of problems that could start when the software is configured or by specific files on the hard disk.

Is iexplore Exe Necessary?

The iexplorer.exe file was created to offer functions from the operating system, such as updates from Microsoft Update, and support a wide range of Web pages. This file is necessary for the computer and is a part of the operating system. You shouldn’t get rid of this file, in my opinion. Hope this is useful!

How Do You Remove iexplore.exe Virus?

The Windows operating system uses the iexplorer.exe file to assist with the operation of Internet Explorer. However, you need to fix this problem by preventing the file from operating on the computer system if it has been damaged or overtaken by malware. This is due to the file starting to make the entire computer system lag. This technique moves along rather quickly.

Procedure to Remove iexplore.exe Virus

1. At first type ctrl+alt+del. A task manager will appear containing different performance parameters and running tasks. If you see iexplore.exe, select it and click “Remove.”

2. Click “Start” and “Run,” then click “Exit” from Windows Task Manager. Hold down the “Windows” button and “R” to open the “Run” window if you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7. Enter “MSCONFIG” and then choose “OK.” Restart the machine after deselecting “Load Startup Items” from the menu and clicking “OK.”

3. The “C:” folder can be opened by double-clicking “Start,” “(My) Computer,” and. Select “Program Files” and then “Internet Explorer” from here. Look for “iexplore.exe” in the Internet Explorer window. For the file to be removed from the computer, right-click the file listing and select “Delete.”

How Do I Remove Iexplore Exe Virus From Windows 10?

  1. Hit the “Ctrl,” “Shift,” and “Esc” buttons simultaneously to pull up the Task Manager. 
  2. Go to the “Start” menu, then select “Run.”
  3. Type the command “MSCONFIG” in the field.
  4. Restart your computer.

How Do I Fix a Corrupted Internet Explorer?

  1. Update the video driver you’re using.
  2. Check your files with System File Checker (SFC).
  3. Check your computer for malware or virus infestations.
  4. To look for startup problems, start your computer in Safe Mode.
  5. Start your computer in a clean boot environment, then investigate the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Can You Repair Internet Explorer?

Windows should reinstall Internet Explorer.

To fix missing or damaged system files and verify the associated system files, use the System File Checker utility.

Where Is the Iexplore Exe File Located?

The iExplorer.exe file is located in a subfolder of the user’s profile folder (e.g. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Javaxii\ or C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\).


Iexplorer.exe is a safe file that is utilized to support Internet Explorer’s functionality. However, when it falls under the authority of another entity or becomes contaminated, it poses a threat to the smooth operation of our machines. Using the aforementioned steps, any issues with our PC should be fixed.

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