[Explained] Is Driver Easy Malware? | Is It Trustable?

Some user has heated the forum by debating over whether Driver Easy driver updater is a malware or virus or other types of malicious codes. This is a controversial issue, we will discuss the topic and will decide whether you should use Driver Easy driver updater or not. So, let’s start the discussion;

Driver Easy Malware

What is Driver Easy?

With nearly 3 million users worldwide, the Driver Easy is a third-party driver updater. By using this, a user can easily update the existed device drivers. Also, it enables the user to replace the corrupted system drivers of the device. It looks cool to update all the drivers of the device with just one tap. But it could get ugly if you are not aware. Some user has reported that Driver Easy caused many issues on their device. Is it true? Is this a kind of malicious code?

Is Driver Easy Malware or Virus?

Technically, Driver Easy is not a type of virus or malware. Either, it doesn’t have any type of malicious characteristics. But, Driver Easy can responsible for downloading and installing some potentially unwanted programs and applications (PUPs & PUAs). These unwanted applications or programs could include adware that is commonly bundled with them. The adware can cause major disturbance and damage to the device system. So, the Driver Easy is neither a virus nor malware, but it is not a necessary application.  

Is Driver Easy Trustable?

Driver Easy has nearly 3 million users worldwide, but still, there are controversies on whether Driver Easy is trustable or not. Some claim that it makes the installing and updating process of the system easier. It is true that Driver Easy can automatically update and install the drivers. Also, it has some characteristics that could cause harm to the system.

Overall, Driver Easy is trustable. But you need to be careful about the programs or drivers installed through it. Using a security scan after completing the updating or installing process could help you to avoid threats.

Is Driver Easy Safe & Free?

Like the device system drivers, the Driver Easy is safe to use. But, you should need to be careful about the installed programs through Driver Easy. After installing any updates through it, run a full system scan to detect and remove threats. The experts suggest not using any type of third-party driver updater to update the system drivers. Because the Windows OS fetches the right drivers depending on the hardware system of the device.

Including Driver Easy, every driver updater is free to use. Though, some driver updater offers paid versions besides the free versions. The Driver Easy is also on that list. You can use either the free or paid version of it. The paid version of Driver Easy offers better service compared to the free versions.

Should I Need a Third-party Application to Update System Drivers?

Though it is most desirable to use a third-party application to update system drivers, it is not necessary to use them. The Windows Operating system automatically fetches the right drivers that are compatible with system hardware. It can update the system driver through the update process. Also, you can manually update the system drivers from the Device Manager. This process is more secure than using a third-party application to update the device system drivers.

What are the PUPs & PUAs? 

PUPs and PUAs are potentially unwanted programs or applications that are mostly unnecessary for a device, and they are not any types of threats for the device. But they can slow down the device in many means. In most cases, the PUPs & PUAs come bundled with other legit software and applications. These unwanted applications and programs could be downloaded through the accepting downloading agreements. Also, many users have reported that they have been misdirected through the PUPs & PUAs. So, despite not being a virus or malware, the PUPs or PUAs could cause damage to a device system.

Should I Need to Remove PUPs & PUAs?

Yes, whenever you notice any additional program or application besides the installed application, you need to remove or uninstall the application as soon as possible. Though, the applications like .NET and Microsoft Visual C++ Distribution Framework require additional programs to operate. Never remove these applications, some applications could stop working properly. The PUPs and PUAs do not act like textbook malware, yet they could lead you to damage the device or steal personal data. So, you need to remove the PUPs & PUAs from your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Third-party Driver Updater Actually Work?

The driver updater actually works effectively. But the driver updaters could cause various issues on the device system. So, it is better to avoid the third-party driver updater to update the system drivers of your device.

Is it Good to Update the System Drivers?

To protect your device system from ever-evolving device threats, you need to update the system drivers. This will minimize the system vulnerabilities, which makes your device more secure against threats.

Can Driver Updater Contain Malicious Codes Behind the Application Patches?

Yes, the driver updater can contain malicious codes behind the application patches. So, you need to be aware while using a third-party driver updater. Though, it is recommended to not use a third-party driver updater.

Final Words

Now, you have already known whether the Driver Easy is a malware or virus. Despite not being malware or virus, it could harm your device. Always try to update the device system drivers manually because most of the third-party driver updaters are mainly PUPs or PUAs. That’s all for today, have a healthy device, have a great day.

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