How to Identify Malware in Activity Monitor?

The activity monitor is designed to monitor the usage of device resources. It allows the user to know about resource usage. Moreover, it may help the user to detect and close any suspicious or malicious activity on the device. In this article, we will discuss the use of activity monitors for optimizing system resources.  

How to Identify Malware in Activity Monitor

What Is Suspicious on Activity Monitor?

Activity monitor tracks and shows the device’s activity. CPU, memory, energy, disk, and network usage are monitored through the activity monitor. It shows running and background processes that are using CPU, memory, energy, disk, and network usage. When an installed program uses an unusual amount of CPU or memory or network, it is called suspicious activity on the activity monitor. A user can end any unnecessary or suspicious program from here.

How Do I Know If I Have Malware on My Mac Activity Monitor?

It is not too hard to know if there is malware on your device. Just a few easy steps can help you to check the activity monitor to check if there are any suspicious programs or malware on your Mac device. Here are the steps to know whether there is malware infection or anything suspicious on the device;

Step-1; Open the activity monitor by navigating through Applications > Utilities.

Step-2; Click on the CPU tab and click on the percentage column to sort the processes with high to low CPU usage.

Step-3; Afterward, you need to look for high CPU usage. If anything suspicious is found, perform a Google search on it. This will show you whether it is malware or not. If it is malicious, it is better to remove it from the device as soon as possibles.

How Do You Detect Malware?

Most Mac and iOS user uses third-party antivirus program or security tool to detect and remove malware from a device. It is a better and hassle-free way to detect and remove malicious codes on the device. You can use other ways to detect and remove malware from a device, but you may face hassle to accomplish the detection and removal process. So, it is better to use a third-party security tool to detect and remove malware from a device.

How Do I Remove Malware from Activity Monitor?

It is not possible to remove malware from the activity monitor. But, you can close or end any malicious process or programs from the activity monitor. Which will help you to remove detected malicious programs from the device. To do so, you need to boot the device on safe mode and open the activity monitor. Afterward, close the suspicious processes and programs from the activity monitor. Thereafter, you need to use a third-party security tool to remove the malware.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Stop Unnecessary Processes from Activity Monitor?

To stop the unnecessary process from the activity monitor, you need to select the process from the process list and select quit. It will help you to close or end unnecessary or suspicious processes.

What Does It Mean If It Says Suspicious Activity?

When the activity monitor says suspicious activity, it means some programs are significantly using device resources. These programs could be some kind of malicious program. Though sometimes legit program uses device resource aggressively.

What Triggers Suspicious Activity on Activity Monitor?

Extensive use of device system resources triggers suspicious activity on the activity monitor. It could sometime cause some issues on the device. Keeping the device-optimized could help you to keep out the suspicious activity from a legit program.


At this point, you know enough about how you can close a suspicious or malicious process from the activity monitor. You cannot remove malicious codes from your device through the Activity monitor. It only allows you to detect the malicious codes only. That’s all for today, have a great day.

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